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Here what matters is knowing football

Why publish books when the fundamental thing is to understand the rule of the out-of-game?

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Here what matters is knowing football

It turns out that first controversy with which government has to deal with Pedro Sanchez is that Minister of Culture and Sports, Màxim Huerta, does not like football. Although in fact problem is that in past has recognized in public via Twitter that has no idea. And he has done it in a way that is Iberian and unappealable. It's not that I don't know much, or it doesn't appeal to you. No. In his own words he has no fucking idea.

Frankly, it is not customary for any inhabitant born in bull's skin — not to go any farr — to acknowledge with such an emphatic ignorance about a subject. Here we are frauds when we accuse everyone of having no fucking idea of this or that. But when it comes to ourselves, it's something else. There we deploy a panoply of excuses, explanations, justifications and ories so as not to recognize our ignorance. How different would it be if we ever, when asked, or offered something, we had humility to utter five words: I have no fucking idea. Well, let's remove penultimate, not to exaggerate eir.

Instead, Huerta is a writer and has published six novels, a travel book, a children's story and an illustrated story. They are enough more than those of some of ir predecessors. He has also worked all his life for private company, but not as a consultant, manager, high office or executive. No. of journalist. Those of us in this trade know what that means. So do our relatives, who look at us with a pity face, and bank directors, who do so with distrust. But no. The problem is that he doesn't know football or practice sports.

However, question might be why sport should be managed along with culture in government action. Let us apply this so cheesy phrase of our politicians and look at what y do with sport " countries of our environment". In France he is with Ministry of Youth and in Portugal is a State Secretariat that depends on education. In Italy it is an own ministry that appears and disappears, and has been in education for a few days. In Sweden it depends on Ministry of Public Health, in Slovenia of Science and in Germany... of Ministry of Interior. In or words, none of m are integrated with culture. Here I am.

It is commendable that sport is politically important but would it not be more logical to integrate it into anor department? Education would be his. Or even a part — attention, Pedro Duque — in universities. In Spain re is a real black hole — forgiveness for spatial simile — in terms of university sport and thus in later life habits of millions of Spaniards. Has anyone calculated how many students stop doing sports when y enter college? Mention apart deserves football. Even if y call it " King Sport," it's actually an industry that goes on ir own. María Jesús Montero — successor of Montoro, both rides, rides so much — you shouldn't take your eye off.

Huerta will debut with a World Cup. He's going to get tired of watching matches and may even end up jumping and celebrating something in mid-July. Wish. Not understanding football is no problem. Ask people from world of culture, such as Almudena Grandes, Joaquín Sabina or José Luis Garci. They do know.

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