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Heritage and Nationalism

The dispute over the Treasury of Sijena should be resolved by the legal pathways established

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Heritage and Nationalism

The decision taken this week by Minister of Culture to order return to monastery of Santa Maria de Sijena (Huesca) of 44 pieces that, despite judicial sentences, remain in diocesan Museum of Lleida, has been taken by independenceists as An affront to identity of Catalonia and used to question application of article 155 by Government.

Previous Editorials

Salamanca Papers (26/12/2004)

It recalls, again, that court rulings are of obligatory fulfillment. And also, that claim of Government of Aragon and city concerned is legitimate, since Treasury of Sijena was exhausted, according to judicial sentences, with participation of Diocese of Lleida, Vatican and Govern, in violation of rules on Heritage.

Just as Catalonia received and Democratic Spain celebrated as an act of historical justice return of papers of Salamanca that had been depleted in Civil war, it is now regretting nationalist instrumentalization of a contentious that It should be resolved exclusively by legal means established and with full guarantees, especially for integrity of patrimony in question.

The historical and consequent dispersion in public and private collections followed by patrimonial complex of monastery of Santa María de Sijena, offers a magnificent example of dilemmas that dominate management of cultural heritage today.

Also of nationalist pressure on world of art and culture by politicians and managers who aspire to build identities and thus strengn ir differentiating stories on basis of a cultural heritage that, contrary to ir claims, belongs to All humanity and not a nation, people or group. If we debate where works are to be put to work it is precisely because y are everyone's, not a few.

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