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Homophobia: Zero Tolerance

The attack on Iceta forces an urgent moral pause in the scenario of disqualifications that grows before the 21-D

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Homophobia: Zero Tolerance
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Fortunately homosexuality is no longer news in Spain, but homophobia does. The rude, insulting and homophobic attack on Socialist candidate, Miquel Iceta, by a professor at University of Barcelona cannot be minimized as part of spontaneous noise that grows on social networks without too much autocrontrol. The Director of Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of university, Jordi Hernández Borrell (which yesterday was still appearing as such in web of this organism), called Iceta "impostor, ignorant, demagogue, disgusting" and attributed to him to have " Sphincters" "Dilated", in a profane language not only improper of an educator and of a high university position in our country, but it violates precepts of respect and equality that govern our Constitution and coexistence.

The university accepted his resignation from office and Prosecutor of Barcelona announced an investigation for hate crime against Hernandez, who also apologized and withdrew insulting tweet. But what happened forced an urgent moral pause in scenario of disqualifications that curled up and dizzyingly electoral atmosphere to appointment of 21-D, and also to a consensus on need to adopt zero tolerance to attitudes Unacceptable and discriminatory.

Hernández had been meaning to intersperse his tweets on scientific advances with insults to Spanish state, PSC and he came to celebrate death of Attorney General Maza as an act of "God's righteousness." Its drift to expression of homophobia well reflects easy trigger escalation in an environment twitched by confrontation of two universes that today seem irreconcilable. But only from maximum respect to different one will be able to build a future in which, from university pulpits, of networks or any ors does not have place hatred, but coexistence in peace.

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