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How many ' clean ' cars are already circulating in your city?

The largest proportion of hybrids and electrics is concentrated in tourist places, where the rent is more common

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How many ' clean ' cars are already circulating in your city?
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  • We have only three years left to save planet from climate change

The presence of electric car grows in Spanish cities. In January, 5,993 hybrid vehicles (40.1% increase with respect to same month of 2017) and 922 electric vehicles (239% more than a year ago) were enrolled. Between m, y add up to 6.5% of total number of enrolments, according to ANFAC data.

But implantation of clean car is very irregular in territory. The top map shows 254 locations where at least 14,000 vehicles are insured. Clicking on each circle shows total number of this type of cars in each municipality and percentage y occupy on total insured.

In proportion to its car park, Xàbia (Alicante), Mazarrón (Murcia) and Orihuela (Alicante), concentrate three highest rates of less polluting vehicles, all above 20%. As with se three places, in geographic distribution are tourist municipalities of coast, where renting vehicles is usually part of offer to visitors. Fleets of cars for that use are renewed more often and hence greater presence of clean vehicles. In large cities, ir percentage is mainly nourished by fleets of taxis and boom of services of sharing (car shared that is rented by minutes), a factor that is clearly promoting purchases in recent times.

Among provincial capitals, San Sebastián is first to appear on list, with 16% less polluting cars, followed by Barcelona (16%) and Tarragona (14%). In absolute terms, cities with most park of se cars are, by order, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Sevilla.

The data are part of insurers ' records grouped in Unespa and show places where cars have been secured. The organization classifies vehicles as petrol, diesel and "Or engines", a heading that groups electric, hybrid and gas-powered without distinguishing between m.

The community that concentrates more municipalities of this selection is Andalusia (46), followed by Catalonia (37) and Comunidad Valenciana (33). Only community of Madrid, Uniprovincial, gars 29 localities with that rate, but also larger ones which, at same time, present a lower clean car rates.

Last November, IDAE announced MOVALT program to encourage purchase by companies and individuals of 5,600 vehicles powered exclusively by electricity, gas or fuel cell. In first 24 hours of implementation it exhausted 19,070,000 euros of a total budget of 20 million.

Among local initiatives for promotion of green tourism, Balearic Government emphasizes that it would encourage plug-in cars on island of Formentera (12,900 inhabitants). The plan will promote plug-in vehicles by purchasing a small fleet for Insular Council and several hotels, as a first step to total elimination of polluting car on island.


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