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Humanitarian response

The gesture of the Government indicates a change of attitude of Spain in relation to the migratory crisis

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Humanitarian response

With decision to accomodate in port of Valencia Aquarius boat, which transports 629 refugees and rescued immigrants, Spanish government aligns with those who consider that first of all we have to give a humanitarian response to emergencies and that re is a way of Manage refugee crisis different from closure of ports and borders defending far right. But above all it indicates a change in policy that Spain has followed so far.

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When boat dock in Valencia will find a network ready to receive rescued because this and many or Spanish cities have long-standing host devices that have barely been used. The government of Mariano Rajoy practiced a double standard in this matter: while proclaiming its willingness to collaborate in distribution of refugees, in practice it has received a tiny part of figure agreed within EU. So Spain still has ample room for manoeuvre only to fulfil its commitments.

This gesture is especially important at a time when raginging in Europe an aggressive discourse and harassment of foreigners in an irregular situation. When Italian minister of Interior, Matteo Salvini, proclaims that "The good life of immigrants is over", not only is it encouraging a distorted image of reality, but it encourages persecution. Speeches like this facilitate that n re may be exalted who shoot at foreigners, as has happened in Calabria. That is why it is urgent for Europe to address a policy of asylum and migration management that is not merely reactive, to distribute burdens among all countries and to ensure respect for human rights. This goal is now easier. In 2015, over a million refugees arrived. Now re are less than 200,000 that come in year. The figure remains important, but it is much more manageable.

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