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If Catalonia does not worry, Rajoy has no excuses

CIS data is bad news for a president who has used secessionism to persist in his immobilism

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If Catalonia does not worry, Rajoy has no excuses

Oh, God! Now it turns out that Spaniards no longer care so much about independence of Catalonia. Being perceived as country's second main problem only three months ago, in December it fell to a modest fifth place, according to last barometer of CIS, and thus enters into likely now to take away sleep of many fewer citizens yet. Regardless of wher or not such a perception is adjusted to reality, truth is that this barometer puts pressure on a president of Government who, settled in his "strategy of Snail", as aptly defined Sol Gallego-Díaz This past Sunday, has Found in Catalonia ideal alibi to persist in its profitable immobility.

The independence challenge has been for Mariano Rajoy a good excuse to stop legislative task, abandon international politics and paralyze reforms and domestic initiatives. The list is extensive. To put some of most notable examples, one can cite new system of autonomic financing, which continues to wait for sky to clear itself. Nor has re been time to negotiate state's general budgets — automatically extended from day of January 1 — but to prepare m by securing PNV's support with Basque quota. Nor is re any place to enforce approved reform of RTVE, which Desencallaría if ruling party facilitated new system that it annulled when it came to power. Unemployment decreases, but inequality and job precariousness continue to rise and public accounts — especially those of Social security — do not add up. Bad management? No! The Spanish economy is going very well, said Rajoy yesterday against massive opinion of Spaniards, and Catalan secession is " only Shadow" that hovers over it. For not doing, Rajoy is not even willing to renew his party in Catalonia after election bump of December 21. It is well known that in ir formation re is attachment to decisions in deferred.

Yes, CIS data is bad news for Rajoy. Secessionism already forced him to apply 155 and, now, exhausted by that effort contrary to his temperament, he runs out of arguments before electorate to keep throwing balls out. To top it off, corruption and fraud are again placed in second place of concerns of Spaniards, says CIS, and in this field PP awaits more than fifty sonorous scandals in hands of justice from Punic case to Lezo case going through s different pieces of Gürtel.

A good management of storm that left thousands of motorists stranded on a freeway would have mitigated bad timing of this government that — how not! — seeks scapegoats in communication policy. The magic solution, according to general coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez-Maíllo, is "explain things differently and by different people." Politics, apparently, can wait.

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