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In the withering realm of the instantaneous

The letters have become an extravagance in a world governed by new technologies

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In the withering realm of the instantaneous

The profound changes that world has endured in last few decades have not yet been fully thought out, but it is too early to value its meaning, its transcendence. The revolution that has triggered new technologies associated with Internet is re, why give it more laps. Everything is available immediately. A small movement in any of technological devices that are already part of our closest environment and we know ipso facto what happens in any part of world. We are connected, we communicate, we emit at every moment exact signals of where we are, what we feel, what we think and we think, and permanently we pronounce ourselves on wher something we like or do not like.

The cover story of Babelia last Saturday was dedicated to cards. Of course everyone knows what a letter is, but re are many who have never received any, nor will y ever receive it. So y won't know what wait means, nor will y even have a remote idea of emotional upheavals it provokes. In this world of instant communications, and where we are told with extreme precision when he ate in Lima a potato huancaína cousin sister of our bror-in-law, and we also see photograph of dish, comments on its flavor and excitement or rejection with That was received news, re is no doubt that a letter has become a rarity, in an extravagance of or times.

Nothing to object to, are things that happen. They change technologies, y change customs, y change people. The amazing thing is how fast this time it's all been produced, so fast that it has not really given time to be able to be aware of what is lost and gained, and of profound (and invisible) transformations that are occurring in our way of perceiving and relate to ors.

No, it hasn't been long. In a novel by Mexican writer Juan Villoro, Arrecife, one of characters comments: "We belong to last generation that knew wait, possibility of losing a shipment, arrival of a special calligraphy...". That character was born sometime between Fifties and sixties of past century. So I knew what was going on when you sent a letter and when you got it. The will to express what you felt or thought (in wars re were specific personnel dedicated to write letters to soldiers who cost m, or did not know, write), need to give a brief information of context, description of what you saw etc. And n wait, long wait for answer.

Everything's going fast today. And that could end up seriously affecting democracy. As has happened with letters (with communication with which it is not), also elections have a different tempo. It does not already operate serenity of meditating best option. It works most accurate tweet. And same is one that promises you that you will be bigger (richer, smarter). And, of course, you go and vote it. Instantly.

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