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Inditex and Mercadona scale among world trade giants

are placed among the 50 companies with the largest retail sales, according to the annual report that makes Deloitte

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Inditex and Mercadona scale among world trade giants

The main Spanish retail groups are advancing among world's distribution giants. Inditex, Mercadona, El Corte Ingles and DIA have won positions in 2018 edition of global powers of retailing, informal World classification of sector, developed by Deloitte Group and published by U.S. distribution company. Anor year, Wal-Mart heads with great advantage list of 250 giants of trade, which highlights strong rise of Amazon.

Among Spanish firms, first is Inditex, which scales five positions (until 38 ª) and is placed for first time among 40 largest retail companies around world. The group that chairs Pablo Isla billed 23,311,000,000 euros in fiscal year 2016 (which are referred all data of classification, since y are not yet available those of 2017), after growing a 11.5% in year. With rate of change implemented by Deloitte (of 1.104 dollars per euro), that amount was equivalent to 25,734,000,000 of dollars.

After its regression of previous edition, Mercadona also advances a position in list recently published, passing from post 48 º to 47 º. The supermarket firm that chairs and manages Juan Roig billed 19,802,000,000 euros in 2016, 3.9% more than previous year.

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El Corte Ingles and DIA

The or two Spanish firms that are among 100 first in world for retail sales are English court and DIA. The group of department stores, which had lost many positions in recent years, now advances a position and is 71 ª of world, according to figures of report. DIA also wins a position and is already 98 ª. In classification of 250 largest retail companies is also Eroski group, which repeats in post 168 º.

In top positions of world rankings re are hardly any changes. Wal-Mart is an outstanding leader with 485,873,000,000 dollars in sales. He is followed by also American Costco (118,719,000,000 dollars) and Kroger (115,337).

Something below 100 billion of dollars are placed German Schwarz, fourth, and American Walgreens, fifth. The biggest promotion is Amazon, which with 94,665,000,000 dollars in retail sales advances four squares and is already sixth in list.


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