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Zoido has failed in the face of the emergency in the AP-6 and other relevant crises

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In newspaper is requirement of resignation that Mariano Rajoy, n leader of opposition, raised in 2009 to Minister Socialist de Fomento, Magdalena Álvarez, after a snowfall that caused closure of Barajas airport for five hours. Minister of Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, de Fomento, Íñigo de la Serna, and director of DGT, Gregorio Serrano, not only have not been raised at any time to resign, but y persist in taking responsibility to drivers and concessionaire of AP-6 of chaos that D Esembocó in closure of more than 3,000 families in ir cars for 18 hours on Saturday night to Sunday.

Zoido and Serrano were in Sevilla, where traffic director has assured that he could follow avatars of storm. And to do what y did was certainly enough, but not to react as effective perpetrators to an emergency situation. Until Sunday y did not move to Madrid to lead crisis committees that were all too late for citizens caught in snow. Until Sunday and advanced in morning, 240 troops of Military Emergency Unit (UME) failed to unlock road.

The opposition has demanded immediate appearances at Congress of Zoido, de la Serna and Serrano. His detailed explanations are urgent to understand not only what failed so that government would not close freeway in time and allow m to continue to accumulate cars, but also not to assist trapped. The government's argument that responsibility is for concessionaire, Iberpistas, is an excuse that worsens diagnosis of situation, since n revision of protocols should also be extended to relations of state with concessionaires.

And beyond detailed analysis of failures and errors, President of Government should think very seriously about ineptness that has shown owner of Interior in times of crisis very relevant, which this snowfall has been last exponent.

Zoido, former mayor of Seville, was maximum responsible for disastrous police action on 1 October in referendum in Catalonia. The security forces deployed re jumped to screens around world and became main argument of independence leaders who had lost largely battle of a credible referendum. The next day, ignoring most dramatic moment of independence crisis, Zoido went — again — to Seville to impose medals on his former bodyguards rar than dealing with situation in Catalonia.

In matters of immigration has generated justified protests of Ombudsman, of judges and NGOs to detain hundreds of immigrants in prison of Archidona, still without inauguration for lack of water, when law prohibits doing it in penitentiary centers. And in terms of traffic, under its mandate, reversal of downward trend in road deaths has been consolidated.

It does not seem Zoido, in se circumstances, best holder for a portfolio as relevant as Interior.

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