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' Intense interest in Turkuaz taxi

The turquoise-colored taxi, which started service last week and has a hundred percent electricity, has been heavily attracted to Istanbul. Istanbul cab ers Chamber of Tradesmen (Iteo) president Yahya Ugur, "We are receiving extraordinary good reactions. Our customers in Istanbul are truly worthy, "he said.

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' Intense interest in Turkuaz taxi

In order to reduce carbon emissions, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul cab Iler Chamber of tradesmen began to emerge with cooperation of artisan room and 100 per cent of turquoise-colored taxi that worked with electricity attracted intense attention from istanbulists.

The electric taxi, which does not pollute air and charges one of cheapest fuel in 10, is very much appreciated by Istanbulians, said Iteo President Yahya Ugur, "We are receiving extraordinary reactions. Our customers in Istanbul are truly worthy. We're trying to raise our comfort. Technology is coming to taxis. Studies like this will continue. Our debt to people of Istanbul, which is our benefactor, is to continuously raise level of comfort. I'm really saying this sincerely; Sabretsin is equipped with both technologically-equipped and vehicle comfort and confidence. In a very civilized way, systems that meet our friend and taxi driver are coming to taxis very soon, "he said.


"Only 15 percent different from or vehicles"

  • The opening price of turquoise-colored taxi with 4.60 pounds is not expensive, said President Ugur, "re is actually no difference in prices at a very high rate. Only 15 percent different from or vehicles. So where you go to 20 lira with a normal yellow cab, you will pay 23 lira here, "he said.

"I think it would be better if it becomes widespread."

Since re is a lot of vehicles in Istanbul, emphasizing that re is a continuous carbon emission and that environment-friendly tools should be widespread, "I like color of a citizen. Looks like a lot of shapes. I'm a student. I'd prefer a person with Normal income. I think it would be better if it became widespread. Because re is really a lot of vehicles in Istanbul, air is constantly being released dirty gas. I think such tools would be more useful ".

"Very nice and very comfortable"

  • Anor citizen who expressed way he liked electric turquoise cab, said: "It looks very nice and very comfortable. No matter how nice it is, we'll be satisfied with traffic. Very handsome. It would be very convenient for us to live in a city with so many vehicles. "

"We are experiencing intense interest"

Sertaç Uzunhasanoglu, driver of taxi who has been on roads of Istanbul for a week, said y faced intense interest, saying, "People are surprised when y ride in car. They like it a lot. They say it's fun. This taxi serves as a VIP. We are experiencing intense interest, "he said.

Economy Turquoise Taxi, set out


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