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Isolationist Drift

Trump continues his policy of demolition of multilateralism

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Isolationist Drift

Donald Trump's decision for US to leave UNESCO is furr evidence of US president's perilous strategy to withdraw world's most important democracy from multilateral organizations and agreements. Not in vain, this resignation comes in parallel with critical demolitions of agreement signed with Iran in 2015 by six countries, including ir own, which avoided acquisition of nuclear weapons in short term by Tehran regime.

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As highlighted in news, outgoing director-General of Unesco, Irina Bokova, work of this international body is key to reinforcing bonds of common heritage of humanity. In this sense, Washington decision is a very important blow to this reputed and accepted project, especially if or countries follow path marked by White House tenant. It is true that this is not first time that United States has withdrawn from UNESCO. During Ronald Reagan's presidency (1981-1989) he has already starred in a similar measure after accusing organization of pursuing a favorable policy towards interests of Soviet Union. Trump now argues a constant Israeli bias in decisions taken by agency. But while in Reagan's case his decision could respond to a tactical move within a large global board where n US president never gave up playing, Trump's decision seems to respond more to a lack of absolute understanding of need for Be present in all scenarios of world where important decisions of any kind are adopted. If resolutions of UNESCO concerning ISRAEL do not seem acceptable to US administration, it would be logical to use its force and its influence from within body to avoid or counteract m. The empty chair is always a waiver and Trump should understand damage he does to his country — and on way to his allies — with this increasingly isolationist policy.

More alarming if it is same course that Trump has started on nuclear agreement with Iran, whose achievement president has already criticized Durísimamente during election campaign and has placed on point of view since assuming presidency. There is no week in which re is no negative mention of a treaty whose first verifiable consequence was dry stop of Iranian military nuclear project and immediate lowering of tension in a region of world that does not need precisely to add more Tensions. Completely deliberately ignoring this, Trump dedicates his efforts to denigrating Treaty, last time this Wednesday when he ensured in an interview that he was "incompetently designed." It should be noted that US withdrawal from nuclear treaty with Iran would be a devastating blow to stability not only in Middle East but in rest of world. The dangerous isolationist drift of US president can get very expensive.

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