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Israel massacre

Israeli-shot deaths in Gaza reach its largest number in a single day from 2004

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Israel massacre

The death of more than fifty people by gunfire by Israeli army tragically marks what has been bloodiest day since wave of massive Palestinian protests of Gaza Strip began on its border with Israel on 30 March. To this balance we must add hundreds of wounded. It is a number of Palestinians killed in Gaza in a single day that is unprecedented since 2004.

The demonstrations are convened under slogan "The Great March of Return", which vindicates right to return of all Palestinian refugees and ir descendants who were expelled in 1948 of what is now Israeli territory. It should be remembered that during se days Israelis celebrate 70 anniversary of independence of ir state, while Palestinians commemorate NAKBA, which marks forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians following conflict that opened with Israel from that date.

Yesterday, he also protested with an emphasis on transfer of U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a decision that was officially made at time of demonstration and, as feared, has raised tension in Gaza Strip even more.

While this massacre was taking place, Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, celebrated in Jerusalem diplomatic gift that Trump has made him, putting in evidence to what extent situation is furr aggravated by actions like that promoted by Trump.

We are faced with an unjustifiable number of deaths in civil demonstrations in interior of Gaza. The Israeli Government must urgently explain why 35,000 people who were protesting at border yesterday and not only with anti-riot material were responded to with real fire, reby debugging corresponding responsibilities.

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