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It's not the drivers fault

A modern state must know how to avoid or mitigate emergencies by climatology, and that did not happen

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It's not the drivers fault

The chaos caused on some roads by first snowfall of year, with about 3,000 cars blocked since Saturday, families paralyzed up to 18 hours without help, remarkably hostels or places where to spend hours of greater cold with some shelter, warmth and Food, y have drawn a photograph of scarce public capacity before an emergency as predictable as fall of snow in January. The concessionaire of AP-6, toll highway that leaves Madrid Road to a Coruña blamed many drivers for not having access to appropriate equipment; And Director general of DGT, Gregorio Serrano, was discharged of any public responsibility to ensure that this organism had insistently warned of storm of snow and that drivers "or have not been aware or have not taken necessary precautions". An extremely poor and insufficient reaction.

The state has many resources to react to an emergency situation such as one that was experienced this weekend: from deploying salting machines to sending snow throwers and cranes or cutting stretches of circulation impossible by snowfall and accumulated vehicles . And once disaster has begun, it must also be able to assist affected population with specific information, food, drink, blankets or access to makeshift shelters. None of it, or in relying doses, occurred on night of Saturday to Sunday, according to multiple testimonies of anguish and abandonment suffered by blocked.

The Ministers for Development and Home Affairs will have to explain in depth why accesses were not cut, victims were not assisted and snow plows and salt did not work in time. A modern state must be distinguished by avoiding or mitigating emergency situations as primary as those caused by climatology and, if it occurs, to lessen its consequences. None of those things happened.

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