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ITU: Fixed clock boosts energy savings

Istanbul Teknik, which has previously presented the Ministry of Energy and Natural resources to the savings and gains of the implementation of the summer time...

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ITU: Fixed clock boosts energy savings
ITU: Fixed clock boosts energy savings entry Date: 18.10.2017 Istanbul Technical University (ITU), which previously offered savings and gains of implementation of daylight saving time application to Ministry of Energy and Natural resources, report first year results of application It was a shock. According to ITU ' Fixed time application (SSU) evaluation report, daylight saving time application was made to save approximately 538 to 801 million lira in energy. The report also stated that re was no need for a $2 billion potential investment, and high price risk decreased with an outage due to instantaneous consumption record in electricity. The University delegation pointed out that report was made in light of all necessary data, citing adequate data and a specific methodology. reduced morning consumption During application period, total savings provided by daylight saving time were calculated as 1 billion 308 million 297 thousand kilowatt hours. In morning 06.00-09.00 hours, a low level increase in electricity consumption after SSU, while consumption declines in or hours related to permanent application in front of increase in electricity consumption accumulated in a cumulative sense savings It's been acquired. positively influenced East According to report, savings in or hours have prevented morning consumption, as opposed to allegations that increasing consumption is wasted due to start of day in air darkness in some provinces. With late blackout of air, intensive consumption of se hours has decreased. The use of more than light in east, social life, transportation, warming and security has been influenced by a very positive stated. As a daily peak load of two times, right at noon and evening, SSU result is only peak load time in afternoon.


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