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Juan Rosell unworthy of the CEOE: "There are spaces between total submission and independence" of Catalonia

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Juan Rosell unworthy of the CEOE: "There are spaces between total submission and independence" of Catalonia

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The president of CEOE, Juan Rosell, has caused outrage in dome of main employers of Spain with ir opinions on Catalan question. The irritation was increased yesterday by exiting script with a proposal not included in statement of employer about Catalonia in eve. In declarations to Cadena Ser, Rosell defended a second Transition in Spain with a new reform of Constitution as a middle way between independence of Catalonia and "compliance for sake of it and total submission". He did well after securing King Felipe VI, that " Constitution will prevail against those who break coexistence".

Already on eve, Rosell caused discomfort in Board be a party to settle Catalan question with "a little note" avoiding a decision of employer about challenge of illegal of moment in Spain, as previously reported THE WORLD. His statements of yesterday stirred up even more leaders. "Are untimely. It is a serious error to say that Catalonia is in a situation of submission. That is not what you think CEOE," he said to this newspaper, a senior official of employer. "In any case, it has been agreed in CEOE propose a reform of Constitution to resolve desafecciones in Catalonia, it is not our role, it corresponds to political parties," says anor leader.

The most that have expressed own CEOE and, this week, Cepyme, is this approach: "we must All make an effort to facilitate coexistence within margins that allows our legal system, and we call because it is never too late for dialogue".

red Lines

In any case, re are red lines. For example, vice-president of CEOE and president of employers of madrid, CEIM, John Paul Lazarus, argues that "in any future negotiations, aiming to provide solution pathways, avoid favoring Autonomous Communities in respect of ors." It is also position of Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia, among many ors.

"Rosell is already more outside than inside, still has a year as president of CEOE, and this house has its times, but will be replaced by someone who will represent position of institution without dreams," adds a member of Board of Directors of employer.

Sources close to Rosell have watered down that it made a statement "personal" and that is not first time that calls for solutions to "disaffection". The president of CEOE yesterday admitted that management has decided to support "all necessary and appropriate steps to restore legality in Catalonia", but put more emphasis in future after 1-O. "There is a problem in Catalonia, and we cannot say that problem will no longer exist after one of October (...) we must return to what we did in year 1977 and 1978", encouraged by claiming a new "territorial pact" including constitutional reform "so that we can live in peace and prosperity for next 40 years."

through 2018

Rosell, who replaced him in 2010 to Gerardo Díaz Ferrán, holds that will stop charge to exhaust its mandate in December 2018 and that will not be active in favour of any candidate in election campaign, but this final stretch is getting long, prominent members of employer. "Not time, in full challenge, to say what has been said. We have president to a lame duck and it shows in organization" laments one of leaders consulted.

"Not representing Spanish employers," notes anor executive. "A president of CEOE should not speak in a personal capacity", remacha anor.


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