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Juncker calls for a superministro of the Euro to chair the Eurogroup

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Juncker calls for a superministro of the Euro to chair the Eurogroup

Juncker points out that EU "is a State that is based on Law"

Juncker, European Parliament: "you Are ridiculous, very ridiculous"

The President of European Commission calls for building a Europe that is "more united, strong and democratic"

"The rule of law is not an option in EU, it is a duty." What he said a week ago president of European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, and he repeated yesterday before plenary session in Strasbourg European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Two identical messages, forceful and very clear in a context, european, in which politicians and citizens put in question institutions, constitutions and common rules. A message to Governments of Poland, Catalonia and for anyone who believes that EU is only an a la carte menu where you choose what you like best.

"The rule of law means that law and justice are backed by an independent judiciary. Accept and respect ir judgments is what defines being part of a Union based on rule of Law. The EU is not a State, but it is a rule of law", recalled Juncker, provoking anger of deputies as Josep-Maria Terricabras (ERC), who called to Brussels for direct intervention. "I do not ask that Commission rule on independence of Catalonia, this corresponds to catalans. Yes I ask him to mediate with Government of Spain in favor of an agreement on referendum". At turn of replica, luxembourgish remained silent.

The Speech on State of EU is a sacred moment in liturgy of euroburbuja. Thousands of hours of work by hundreds of officials. Generates huge expectations but it hardly arrives to citizens. Yesterday was not an exception. The message of Juncker were many, important, and compelling. But tone, boring, cold, distant. The president faced his third annual speech, most important of legislature, according to ir co-workers, and Juncker responded with proposals and solutions, some of m very controversial, but little exciting for deputies, who applauded little and with reluctance.

Great politician, but a loose speaker, luxembourgian decided to enter from front and with force in debate about community governance. The German elections are held in 10 days and all reforms stops from six months ago have to see light. Berlin and Paris have shaped ir ideas, and published before end of month, and Juncker does not want to be marginalized without a fight.

euro as The single currency has

The script of Brussels only provides for a future: euro as a single currency for 27 Member States, a European Monetary Fund, merger of presidencies of Commission and of European Council and a superministro of Finance of Eurozone, who also is vice president of community and president of Eurogroup.

Jean-Claude Juncker has grown tired of discussions on two speeds, multiple speeds, and Europe to letter. With United Kingdom on exit door, head of Executive believes that re is to be a time of excuses, objections, and of fighting sterile. And, above all, complex. It is time of "all to all": euro, Schengen and Union Bank. Now or never.

Juncker defined 2016 as a 'annus horribilis' for Brexit, terrorism and many electoral challenges. I was going to be apocalypse, but EU which he defends, his vision, he ended up resisting. There was fright but not of death in Nerlands, France or Austria. And even so, Juncker, failed to articulate a narrative of victory, of success, of hope. Sold, and very well, an idea pragmatic, efficiency and management. What Europe surely deserves it, but probably not only thing that is needed in age of virality.

What yesterday did was to sketch out a revolution of architecture of EU. It is expected definite ideas for Eurozone, but president went beyond calling for merger of presidents of Commission and Council.

"The european landscape would be more readable, more understandable, with a single helmsman to front," he stated in a license lyrics. Juncker has understood and accepted that an EU with five presidents (Commission, Council, Parliament, Eurogroup and ECB) is not operational, is not practical and causes a bad impression. What you see when you have to receive to world leaders, when se, according to Kissinger, do not have a single phone call. And when ir reports are consistently ignored.

A vice-president of EC as a superministro

Within this new worldview, luxembourg see also scope and need of anor big change. Brussels wants a european minister of Economy and Finance. But not one anyone, but who is also vice-president of Commission and president of Eurogroup.

A supercargo, which should "promote structural reforms" and "to coordinate economic tools when a member State enters a recession, or we hit a crisis. I'm not asking for a new post but I efficiency.

A minister who is accountable before European Parliament," he said yesterday.

In EU is talked about and spoken of profound changes. Berlin wants Esm, european mechanism to rescue, to assume responsibilities of fiscal oversight, as it does not trust Commission.

Emmanuel Macron wants you to have a Budget and a Parliament own of Eurozone, but Juncker believes that it is absurd, because when Uk comes out officially in Union, 85% of community GDP will have as its own currency euro. "The Parliament of euro this Parliament," president said in Strasbourg. A clear challenge to frenchman after his recent speech in Ans.

The Commission wants that Esm will reform, and become little by little in IMF european. To Juncker never liked International Monetary Fund to interfere with bailouts of europe, and sees room to grow on that side.

But perhaps highlight of president's speech has been philosophical principle that underlies it. With Uk in EU, multi-speed Europe on economic issues was inevitable. But Juncker has cried enough, asking forcefully that all member States of EU to enter euro, by offering a "mechanism of convergence" to help those who want to do so, such as Romania, Bulgaria or Poland later.

Merkel and Schäuble, in distance, agree on diagnosis, but not in recipes. Juncker yesterday released ball, but he knows that it will end very soon in your roof.


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