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Kevin Spacey: hunting or being hunted

The actor will have to answer for his alleged wrongdoings, but he has been a victim at the same time of a hypocrite righteous crusade that aspires to erase it from the screen forever

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Kevin Spacey: hunting or being hunted

Kevin Spacey has become a victim of pith and darwinist argument that wields "President" Francis Underwood: Life has only one rule, hunting or being hunted.  It was part of American actor in predatory category until allegations of sexual abuse, pending to be substantiated in a court, have precipitated ir reproach and led to caterva of stink.

He's been found a substitute, even sixth season of House of Cards. It will cost work to relate to series without confessions to camera that granted Actorazo, but sacrifice of Kevin Spacey hurries marketing expectation of series. It even makes it a exemplary argument, so that ordinary spectators can sit quietly and see it. And y can rely on Pulquérrima existence of ir protagonists.

Idols are exposed to courts, but y are not obliged to cope with an exemplary life

A categorical example of preventive justice and a social lesson is thus expressed. Quite rightly, in view of sexual abuse that seems to have committed Underwood's alter ego. And with many reasons, because precautionary condemnation that implies reaction of public opinion not only has removed it from his professional career, but aspires to erase it from roles he had already represented.

Ridley Scott, for example, has removed it from his last movie no matter what was already finished. It's been replaced by Christopher Plummer. and caring not so much disgust towards Kevin Spacey as commercial dangers that involve lodging in cast to a toxic character, a monster that society has exterminated from its consumption habits.

It is an exercise of hypocrisy. And even an injustice. It seems that we have discovered in 2017 sewers of Hollywood, as if it were Hollywood acropolis of Tibetan religion. And as if an actor, an artist, was obliged to cope with impeccable behaviors.

It thus produces an act of inordinate and absurd vengeance that threatens to purify any unseemly life artist. We could start with Caravaggio, I can think of. Evict him from museums where his paintings are exhibited to make him atone for his burly criminal record. Which was already subject of a specific exhibition in Rome-police documents, incriminating tests-but not with pretensions of condemning it posthumously.

In life, Kevin Spacey was condemned before he pronounced justice. If he committed crimes attributed to him, it will be judges who decide eventual conviction, but society should reflect on his righteous humors, not to redeem person of Kevin Spacey, but to assume that education and pedagogy transcend Behavior Idols-It is territory of school, of family-and to discriminate between merits of artist-of footballer, of singer-and demerits of a disordered, criminal existence, which must be atoned or not between bars.

Francis Underwood already said it in likeness of a premonition or rar an epitaph: "The path to power is paved with hypocrisy and victims"

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