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Kirchner or the hour of justice

Argentina must investigate all dubious cases of the kirchnerist stage

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Kirchner or the hour of justice
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Today Senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was president of Argentina in 2013 when her government signed a memorandum with Tehran that enabled Iran to interrogate suspects of attack against mutual Jewish AMIA (85 deaths in 1994). That document never came into force because Iran did not ratify it, but it was basis of investigations of prosecutor Nisman, who was going to present his conclusions to Congress when he appeared dead of a gunshot in his house in Buenos Aires, in January 2015. And it is now in case that judge Bonadio drives. The magistrate has accused ex-president of alleged "treason" and "aggravated cover-up" for attempting to give impunity to terrorists and has requested lifting of jurisdiction of Senate to proceed with his arrest. The president is also incursing anor cause of corruption.

In a first reaction, Cristina Fernandez accused current president, Mauricio Macri, of conspiring against her. The truth is that some innovations have allowed reignite cause without that imply politicizing judicial action.

If investigation into death of prosecutor Nisman four days after attributing Kirchner a plan to give immunity to Iranians determined in its day that it had been a suicide, in September a new survey concluded that it was assassinated. And Judge Bonadio reopened cause that had been filed in 2015. It has quoted 14 imputed and dictated processing of expresident. Invested in senatorial protection, it is now a disarray that allows us to clarify responsibilities in a sad chapter of Argentinean history, if any, and subjugation as all citizens to a justice that has already sat on bench to Various charges of kirchnerism for corruption. It is time to clear fog of illicit enrichment that has surrounded its mandate.

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