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Lazio, Lotito: ''Inzaghi my invention. Him away? L'important is to have a president''

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Lazio, Lotito: ''Inzaghi my invention. Him away? L'important is to have a president''

ROME - While Lazio completed his last training in Rome before leaving for l' Nerlands, president Claudio Lotito has participated in presentation of "Half-Marathon for Peace", andrà staged on 17 September in Capital. In margin of 'event, owner of club league has talked about various aspects, starting from'interest for Simone Inzaghi from Juventus: "In football are players, coaches, not presidents. The thing più important è to have a president-fan and not a fan of president, orwise you risk what has happened so far in so many teams".LOTITO: "JUVE ON INZAGHI? HE Is MY INVENTION" - Lotito he n went on to explain his willà to retain Inzaghi: "we have abilityà to bring to fore people thanks to work of all. Inzaghi is my invention, l'I brought in youth and now is giving its fruits. You have abilityà to give credit to only one person, but re are no wizards. I can't do things becauseé c'è a working group: sporting director, for example, you è revealed one of people, more efficient and capable as I had expected. The future of Inzaghi? For now has a contract with Lazio, and n you will seeà"."is an IMPORTANT INVESTMENT FOR THE TWO YOUNG PORTUGUESE" - When it is pointed out that he has been criticized for having spent less than what was used in ' last session of market, n, Lotito responds così: "These are things destitute of foundation, Lazio has spent much of più. I have said that I have a profit? Sì, but 'useful of budget is composed of various components, l's economic aspect, financial one, which canò to signify wher or not all'use of proceeds outside. Lazio closes with a useful important, it means that among costs and expenses c'&is positive. But it is not; only for expense of players, must be added mount for salaries and or components. If you spend 30 million for a player and makes a contract for 5 years, we must also consider l'amortization. Unless it is something related to a service, such as a loan. What you say n is totally fake, we bought two talents ( Portuguese, ed) that we think such, n starà to you to judge. Have a significant cost, and toger with m we have acquired a number of players of experience and qualityà technique. We do not do as Marquis of Grillo: we do not sell charcoal to 10, and we buy wood 100. We buy wood one and sell it to 300".SUPPORTERS: "PATIENCE AND CONFIDENCE IN OUR WORK" - president of The Lazio region also launches an appeal to fans: "The supporter of Lazio must be patient and confident in ' work of those who administer companyà, according to a logic of far's family, spend what you can. And speaking of spending, not waste. Investment. I hope that fan's face this, what is happening, especially in Curve, which I thank for having taken conscience of ' work of this management, that y do not forget that Lazio should be administered not only from historical point of view, in sports. I have to cultivate assets and common feelings of all of latium, which must be preserved and handed down. I'm trying to put Lazio in a condition to be self-consistent and this is happening".C'è time for a joke about Luis Alberto, for which Lotito does not seem surprised at growth: "we took It all way. Not è that we buy with 'extraction of lot". Finally on stage: "re'è no dialogue, we have done this long ago, and we were sent back. The political myopia led to fact that Roma do not have teams with stadiums owned byà".


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