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Learning from the past

The Government must respond to the new separatism with all the power of the law

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Learning from the past
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If separatist challenge could go so far in previous legislature it was largely because government acted late and badly. Mariano Rajoy n trusts everything to Constitutional Court's ability to prevent overflow of Constitution and Statute of Autonomy. In parallel, he trusted that intervention of finances of Generalitat, toger with task of prevention of forces and security bodies of State, prevented execution of illegal referendum convened 1-O.

As we know, government erred doubly, as polls ended at polling stations, while police and Civil guard efforts to prevent vote were not only unsuccessful when it came to preventing m from voting but damaging Seriously image of Spain abroad. Finally, faced with refusal of former president Puigdemont to dissolve parliament and call Catalans to elections, government asked Senate to apply article 155 of Constitution in order to cease Govern, to dissolve parlament and to summon Elections.

With article 155, which must be added to action of Courts of justice, Procés secessionist was arrested in dry. The unity of political forces, citizen rejection and strong opposition from European partners and institutions completed blockade of unilateralism and overflowing of law.

Nothing done or lived in fight against secessionist challenge has been easy. Therefore, today, while taking possession of a new president of Generalitat whose declared intention is to retake unilateral and illegal path if it fits more forcefully, democracy and Democrats must show that y have learned lesson of mistakes made in Past and that, consequently, y are prepared to act in such a firm and early manner to prevent secessionists materializeing, even minimally, a new challenge to state.

The president of Government cannot be mistaken a second time, sitting down to wait and fiándolo all, once more, to courts. where you acted sooner and ill now you must do it soon and well with all means at your fingertips, which are many and varied within current legal framework. These allow, in addition to continuing to control closely finances of generalit, to put under ir control Mossos D'Esquadra to prevent that, as in past, capacity of that police force to enforce constitution was cancelled.

And if it were case that lacked m or that y envisaged that y are insufficient for deterrent or preventive effects, it must go to Parliament to obtain support of House to a plan of measures, of political and legislative character, including a possible modification of Penal code — to prevent new government from overflowing law.

The rest of political forces have to give ir support to President Rajoy, but it is up to him to lead, summoning toger and as soon as possible leaders of four main political parties, with aim of offering a true image of unity, No political calculations.

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