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New books help us to understand that the first signs of the times tragic, always seem to

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New books help us to understand that first signs of times tragic, always seem to

don't believe that all news is bad. There is one that does not usually open news because its title would be so shocking —“y get good books to libraries”— that viewers would be puzzled without news of sharks threatening on beach, live of hurricanes to see if it flies journalist himself or small misfortunes showy who have jumped from YouTube channels of our screens as if y were important.

But what is true is that yes re is news, that this is her title and subtitle in free version may well be: “Several authors contribute reflections on past with full force to what is happening to us”.

What is happening is fracture, point of different, fear to speak up, silence as an option and bullying. If all those who are playing dirty game and those who are suffering pulsaran for a moment pause button and devote a few hours to read, y may find three new books of memories of very recent date that y dig very deep to get reasons of deep wounds that still hurt us. No need to get to Primo Levi, Klemperer or Bashevis Singer. We talk about things today, of people like us who still needs and seeks to repair mistakes of past with literature. I hope we learn some lesson.

Monika Zgustova, for example, it brings in Dressed for a dance in snow (Galaxy) actual testimonies of Russian women exiled to gulag. They are alive, you are flesh and bone and we have found —as I would say Constitutional— not illegality of what is happening, but danger of pointing to dissident. The human kind has done terrible things in his time no one foresaw, but first signs always seem to. And that we see se days indicate that we are not safe.

Robert Seethaler choose simple voice of a villager to pick up misunderstanding of avatars that suffers due to poor decisions of ors, including depredation of territory, war, and exile. A lifetime (Salamander) is brief, but intense, and speaks of value of an existence of each one, only one that we have at end of day, against weight of history. And Edurne Portela, scuba dive in basque conflict, in de-industrialization and implosion of heroin through a family that may be almost all. Better absence (Galaxy) it also helps us to think.

In three is value of simple life, or of simple life, against those who want to impose on us what we don't. A reflection that I wish I did it all in slow motion se days. Seen thus, what between all we could well fill a newscast?


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