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Left turn

López Obrador's enormous triumph augurs a profound change in Mexico

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Left turn

Andrés Manuel López Obrador won Sunday elections in Mexico with a rotundity. The tsunami of votes that has led to Pines (30 points of difference on next candidate) has its origin in undoubted hartazgo of many Mexicans with corruption and insecurity that drowned country for decades and that parties of regime that was Hab Alternating in power (PRI and PAN) were unable to tackle, when y were not complicit in ir extension.

This avalanche of popular vote anticipates a more or less orderly settlement of that regime and leaves Lopez Obrador with a wide margin to shape future of second Latin American economy. For first time since Mexico began to hold free elections, someone to whom left considers its sharpest representative reaches presidency, with a clear social change program.

In more than 40 years he has been in politics (some of m in ranks of PRI), López Obrador has been distinguished precisely by this social activism in a country plagued by inequalities. This, coupled with its calculated ambiguity in economic affairs during campaign, had aroused no few fears and accusations that his mandate could end up descalabrandoing Mexico by a spiral of runaway spending and financial crisis.

It is refore very significant that among first messages that President-elect had hastened to convey in his first speech on Sunday night was commitment to respect autonomy of central bank. Anor was added in same line of reassuring national and foreign economic actors: despite need to seek rearrangements in budgets after massive vote for change of Sunday, future president pledged not to increase debt , as well as maintaining financial orthodoxy.

Despite contrasts, Mexico is a modern and vibrant society. Many in country (and outside) fear that López Obrador's undisputed triumph will jeopardize fragile institutions that Mexicans have strived to lift from ground up.

The weakness in which defeated parties are left augurs not only for a deep reorganization of political chessboard, but also a period of forced weakness in ir work of opposition and control of power. Mexicans appreciate ir institutions (like Electoral institute that has guaranteed cleaning of se elections) and would tolerate any setback, especially in judicial independence or freedom of press.

It is heartening that future President (will only take office on December 1) has made explicit reference to all se shadows of his campaign: he advocated for "reconciliation" of all Mexicans, promised to defend and expand individual and social liberties, and Respect institutions. There will be "profound changes," but y will always be within constitution and laws. The Enigma López Obrador begins to reveal himself. It is only desirable that result Eshia in a Mexico more equal, richer and freer.

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