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Lesson from Alabama to Trump

The defeat of the ultraconservative candidate for the Senate supported by the President gives wings to Democrats

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Lesson from Alabama to Trump

The defeat of Donald Trump's candidate for Senate in Alabama election represents a fatigue message from an electorate who, even in a clearly conservative state, has elected Republican senators over past 25 years — does not seem willing to Bless erratic, authoritarian and unprofessional way of governing White House tenant.

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As usual, Trump despised advice of experts. He first supported, in primaries, a candidate against Republican Party's view, and n endorsed controversial primaries ' victor, ultraconservative former judge Roy Moore. He was already famous for his outburst, but several women also denounced him for sexual abuse when y were teenagers. Moore immediately embraced Trump's slogan to make America's biggest and added his particular racist touch. He said that for him, America had been a big country "when families were united even if re was slavery." No wonder that 98% of black women in census voted Democrat Doug Jones and same thing made 92% of black men. Quite a record. The president soon became unmarked and accused of "being happy about what happened" — that is, treason — to members of Republican Party. Not slightest trace of self-critical sense.

The Republican defeat also carries to minimum its majority in Senate, in which it adds 51 seats by 49 of Democrats and to less than one year of some important partial legislative ones. Any politician would take note of lesson: if a very conservative electorate turns ir back on candidate of ir party is or because it considers it too progressive or because it sees it unacceptable. Alabama has succeeded in denying that he is represented by a racist, who must also clarify his behavior with underage women. Voters have things much clearer than Trump.

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