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Lesson from the horror

Gabriel's mother's cry against hatred demands a great moral stature

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Lesson from the horror
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The tragedy sometimes holds an unsuspected space for lessons, and this time it was mor-victim herself, Patricia Ramírez, who has lost her eight-year-old son, who has given public opinion a lesson of great political and social significance. Gabriel Cruz's mor, allegedly deceased at hands of her far's new partner, asked yesterday "not to spread rabies, that no one retuitee things of anger because that is not my son and it is not me."

His words are particularly valuable in proceeding of person from whom no doubt more could be understood and forgiven an opposite reaction: that of hatred, desire for vengeance, hardening of penalties and easy and opportunistic political consequences of a Case that probably would not have varied in a different context.

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  • Gabriel killing: A lesson from horror

On contrary, Patricia Ramirez not only contributes a lesson of calm to a rarefied environment by demand in street and in networks of a exemplary punishment bordered on vengeance, but it places whole society before a moral standard of high height of which no one of Beriah afford to descend. Appeals to hatred, revenge, and popular justice — "Let m take it!" — which ran from profile Sunday on profile of networks and spontaneous concentrations of repulsion must be silenced by an official channel that, once again, has shown that it acts efficiently.

Security forces are working. The Civil Guard has achieved with full exemplary and cold blood to unravel a thorny case, as days before Mossos managed to solve double crime of marsh of Susqueda and security forces in Galicia to identify in months before murderer of Diana Quer. In this case, agents had temper of letting kite fly without losing sight of it to get to child when y already suspected that it was Ana Julia Quezada, far's partner, person responsible. Justice will now do its job.

The three dramatic cases that have shocked country in recent weeks have stoked debate on permanent prison reviewable, whose repeal will be voted on Thursday in Congress. The government, backed by 2.5 million of signatures achieved by parents of Diana Quer, Mari Luz Cortés and Marta del Castillo, has proposed to harden it in Penal code. But what will be voted on Thursday is proposal of PNV that support PSOE and we can eliminate it. Citizens awaits verdict of Constitutional Court, which has it in its purse.

At this point, political and democratic maturity should have made us learn that debate about any legal change in terms of penalties must be held in cold and not in heat of events that shock country. Therefore, appeals to life imprisonment or temptation to harden penalties must lead ir promoters to recall from now on words of Patricia Ramirez: "Pay what you have to pay, but that what is left of this case is good deeds that H An out of all sides. All for Gabriel. "

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