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London facilitates legal way to stop the false intoxications of tourists in Spain

May Government reform rules to deter vacationers from pretending diseases to achieve heavy compensation

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London facilitates legal way to stop the false intoxications of tourists in Spain

This summer, scam of false poisonings denounced by British tourists in Spain to get juicy compensation is going to be more difficult. The British government is going to put in place in next few weeks a measure that it has already announced months ago and which, in practice, is supposed to lower judicial route so that tour can fight false claims in courts. Until now, this route was so expensive that se companies, after receiving complaint, used to agree to compensation with client outside courts. Then y discounted that amount to Spanish hotels. With reform, y will be encouraged to challenge grievances in court, discouraging tempting holidaymakers from pretending diarrhea.

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According to a note released yesterday by British Embassy in Spain, British government headed by Theresa May asked Civil Procedure Committee — in charge of setting rules on legal costs — to consider including such claims to "regime of Recoverable fixed costs. " Thus, tour who face se cases will only disburse a fixed rate based on amount of claim and length of process. That is to say, y will know in advance legal costs of a process. According to note, Committee has already decided to make those policy changes that will be in place before summer and that, in words of British Ambassador Simon Manley, "will help deter those who may be tempted" from claiming falsely. According to Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), from 2013 to 2016 claims for Intoxications grew by 500%, from 5,000 to 35,000, while falling around world.

The official note states that se changes "will help tour to challenge fraudulent claims", something that so far did not do so high and uncertain costs. In face of this loophole, law firms and insurance companies encouraged British tourists visiting Spain to make those false claims, sending even representatives — and even vans — to hotels to attract holidaymakers Willing to fake a diarrhea in exchange for a free vacation and even a pinch of extra money. According to a judicial investigation carried out in Palma, se law firms guaranteed up to 18,000 euros of compensation, of which 60% remained. Thus, y had swindled up to 60 million Spanish hotels, as denounced by Spanish Confederation of Hotels and tourist accommodation (CEHAT), since tour who paid compensations n transferred amount to hotels where y were produced The false intoxications.

In addition to fight against fraud itself, British government reacts to possible price increases on part of tour to British tourists visiting Spain, 18.7 million in 2017. The embassy's note also mentions deterioration of image of British in world, and reproduces statements of Secretary of State of Justice, Rory Stuart, in which it denounces that fraud of intoxications "harms tourism sector and exposes Tourists to a price hike, "in addition to damaging" reputation of British citizens abroad. "

The measure, reports British Government, is part of a fight against "culture of compensation", which has also recently introduced "a civil liability law that includes measures to reduce unacceptable number of claims for Whiplash and to allow insurance to lower premiums. " Or reforms include prohibition of "cold calls" to attract customers by phone and stricter regulation of claims management companies.


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