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Long live the Black Friday!

Consumption fever came to Spain about five years ago and has adapted in a lax way

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Long live the Black Friday!

In midst of mess, with crowded tent, a lady raises some sneakers, shows m to dependent with some craving and question with more anxiety still: "Hey, please, se, do you have Black Friday?" The clerk examines m closely and replies, "No, not se." There are ors that do. But you're not. "I'm sorry." The lady wrinkles her mouth and composes a nuisance gesture dedicated to seller, as if he were personally to blame: "Man, well, that's funny." "had come expressly to buy m."

This happened yesterday, Friday, in center of Madrid. Last Tuesday, in a gift shop in district of Quintana, also in Madrid, a gentleman asked owner to see that this placed posters with offers scattered all over walls: "Excuse me, here where you, is re Black Friday also on Saturday?". "Yes, sure," replied or with one of posters in his hand, "and Sunday too."

The Black Friday (whose name alludes to American trades having many chances to spend in a single day of red-to-black numbers thanks to barrage of buyers and sales) is firmly established in America for decades. But it has its limits and its unwritten rules. It starts Friday after Thursday of thanksgiving, at zero hours, and ends, invariably, 24 hours later.

It is circumscribed, in general, to department stores and to shops of appliances and, following Monday, so-called cibermonday, with purchase of technology by Internet. It is true that se locals overflow, that re are those who queue since dawn. But only that day, only for 24 hours dramatic in which eir is bargain pursued or will have to wait for Friday next year.

In Spain, fever of Black Friday arrived about five years ago and, as any custom incorporated without much reference (here nobody knows when day of Thanksgiving falls), it has adapted in a very lax way, this is, each one as it wants, which is not bad eir : A mixture of explosive sale with exotic name that serves as an incantation to buy and sell anything. There are offers of weekend trips, of subscriptions of newspapers, of sale of cars, of capes ... The Chinese from clothing store under my house has joined car and makes a 10% discount on everything. He reports on some cards that he has placed at entrance door that require, moreover, that Black Friday of his — would be missing more — begins on Tuesday and ends on Sunday.

There are Americans who are astonished at diffuse whirlwind of Hispanic Black Friday. What y expected: we live in a global world that exports fads that n have to fit into everyday autochthonous day of every street and every neighborhood. I don't know if that's right or wrong. Well, I guess. And if anyone disturbs you, make you a friend of mine, you don't buy anything you can't drink.

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