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Long range lights to look at Catalonia

If there are politicians who decide not to abide by the law, it is logical that they go to jail

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Long range lights to look at Catalonia

There is something in our judicial system that comes from afar and that introduces in our penal model serious dissonances that are not always positive: parties can intervene as prosecutors against a politician of anor formation. That is something unimaginable in countries of our environment. The PSOE has been present in case Gürtel and PP in process related to ERE, to put a couple of examples. He explained it last Wednesday Candide Conde Pumpido, magistrate of Constitutional Court and former attorney General of State, in thirteenth of meetings organized by Association of European Journalists and Fundación Diario Madrid to deal with Subject personalities of Catalonia with ors from rest of Spain. He was in front of Josep Maria Vallès, an exrector of Autonomous University of Barcelona and Exconsellr of Generalitat.

If parties can joyfully present lawsuits in courts to point out to those of rival bench, policy is denatures, moves to anor site. Criminal proceedings become instruments to waste adversary and judges ' decisions are no longer valued in legal terms, but political. All this, added Conde Pumpido, also produces a contagion effect. Why do politics, how complicated it is to weave agreements, if opponent can go simmering with invaluable help of media?

It is not here to enter in detail in matters that were addressed by Conde Pumpido and Vallès to approach me of meeting, nor to prosecute politics or politicize justice. They matter, more than ir pronouncements on procés, ir far-reaching approaches. If re are politicians who decide not to abide by law, it is logical that y go to jail; If y have not managed to get what y intended on straight way that does not mean that y can skip rules of game. All of that was clear. I was interested in tuning on or hand.

During his speech, Vallès commented that representative democracy suffered today "serious deficiencies", and that same favored temptation of each power to invade or. Then he was able to have a beach. He said that indexes that measure confidence in representative democracy point out that it plummets, that citizens judge parties with severity because y understand that y only serve to make ir leaders profit, that no one values activity of Parliaments, among or things, because ir deliberation mechanisms come from past century — are slower than a stroll. The leeway of a deputy, he explained, is minimal. So movements that try to influence politics from street grow.

Laws that come from remote eras, aged parties that work with sleepless codes, and citizens who attend irritated imposture of politics. The diagnosis is hard, and huge challenge. It touches strengning of representative democracy. There's no or.

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