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Look stupid

Dan Brown has published his new novel Ver ö: "origin", the F ü fifth part of a global scavenger hunt. But what does it actually mean if the American writer Abklappert the world according to sensational values?

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Look stupid

In English re is a word for activities that make tourism in its trivial form. It's "sightseeing", and you have to think for a while to understand hidden abysmal "code": Because what do you see when you run sightseeing? No, not what one believes to see, namely museums, buildings, foreign landscapes. What you see is rar a "sight", a "view". You can see this already seen. And that behaves, say: to Basilica of Barcelona like a postcard (also a abysmal word) to actual Sagrada Família- image has become a separate object where Incarnate object has to be measured (and by no means vice versa) .

That is why tourism is so brutal and so destructive in its trivial form: because it is not about distant and stranger, but about "sight". He knows no experience, he does not perceive, and he does not want to know anything. His claims are fulfilled if it proves that things you wanted to see are similar to massively displaced views that are circulating from se things. Then a selfie is made. That too has its meaning. The selfie is view of a view, including a view of photographer.

What happens if puzzle is not solved? Does world fall into a spiritual night?

In novels of American writer Dan Brown, principle of sightseeing is transformed into literature, not for instruction, but supposedly for pleasure of a public that now seems to belong to half world. More than 200 million copies of four novels, in which a historian and "Symbologist" named Robert Langdon sought to wrest not only history of art and humanities but deepest mysteries of mankind, are now circulating, fourteen Millions of m in German speaking area. On Tuesday of this week, in fifty languages at same time, fifth volume of this series appeared. It bears title "Origin" (Lübbe Verlag, 672 pages, 28 euro) and obeys same dramaturgical laws underlying previous volumes: The Professor will, for whatever reason, be in a few art historical sites of global Ranked in order to trace a "world shattering truth" that was concealed over centuries, if not millennia.

But enemies of Enlightenment are, of course, also already on way, and so re is a wild escape, which leads from sight to sight and is organized as a kind of scavenger hunt, as you know from computer games: constantly Puzzles must be solved so that you can continue on to next level. And in order for story to progress with due speed, solution of puzzles is bound to a time limit at which world at least threatens to fall into eternal spiritual denightment.

It is Robert Langdon who goes to Spain this time, and of course, everything that makes Spain (postcard) so special Spanish: In Bilbao, in Guggenheim Museum, will Edmond Kirsch, a former student of professor and highly successful Computer scientist (postcard, combined with a picture of Elon Musks and a portrait of Robert Weiles) to present a scientific discovery that he is supposed to have made with help of a computer that he designed, all existing devices infinitely superior: A "discovery that will change face of science forever".

A hundred pages pass until this presentation finally begins, a hundred pages full of swelling drum vertebrae. Then ingenious scientist and entrepreneur first enters: "The origin of life... Since days of first stories of creation, he has remained a mystery. For millennia, philosophers and scientists have been looking for a trace of this very first moment of life... "

It is true that this assertion is false-because it is only with beginning of natural sciences that living and inanimate are discerned ( mythological thinking comprehends both as moments of one and same creation, and this also applies to Old Testament). But what's matter? A moment later, Edmond Kirsch is on museum floor, with a hole in his forehead, shot by an old admiral in shiny outfit of Spanish fleet (postcard). And children's birthday is already raging on his noisy schnitzel tour, across "El Escorial" (postcard) and Royal Family (postcard), monastery Montserrat (postcard) and top of Catholic faith, at Valle de los Caídos ( postcard), tomb of Francisco Franco, past and Sagrada Família (postcard) up and down.


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