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M ü Munich gets a new jazz club

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M ü Munich gets a new jazz club

Just two and a half jazz for a city with now more than one and a half million inhabitants, you cannot speak of an oversupply. Especially not for growing number of local jazz musicians, who are happy to be able to make every appearance in company frequented by international stars, in Thomas Vogler's Jazzbar or at nightclub of Bavarian court. This forces Dally, creative handling of profession and Farewell to many project dreams.

The bassist Jerker Kluge is a good example-but also for how you can still put something on your feet. Soon after he had taken 1999 studies at Richard Strauss Conservatory, Kluge became a fixed size of scene. With some contemporaries, he whirled mainly on dust to incorporate neglected traditional lines of 1950s and 1960s jazz into new Latin and funk combinations. The Hi-fly orchestra and its own bands Hipnosis and deep Jazz are best known results. Kluge also operates label "Perfect toy" and until some time worked as a jazz DJ and party organizer.

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Lastly, he devised daring band-concept Mingus in Wonderland: in Tribal quartet he plays exclusively compositions of bass legend Charles Mingus, "in order to be able to fit into work of a great one," as he says. This started 2013 weekly in basement bar of Schauburg, but soon had to be dodged to or places and impact number significantly reduced.

Anyway, Kluge had lasted for all this less time: he built up his "Music Academy", a rock and jazz school in franchise system. Currently, 380 students are taught with 20 teachers, mostly colleagues from jazz scene. "It's running great," says Kluge. The prerequisite for this was of course suitable premises. The Tumblingerstraße 21 proved to be a stroke of luck. In building previously used by neighbouring agency for work, DTV publisher was drafted, but ground floor did not need it and did not mind that music was made re.

When Kluge looked out of office window a few months ago, Chinese Hotpot Restaurant "Chois" opened exactly opposite. "I'm a big fan of Sichuan kitchen myself," says Kluge, "on or, I was in building years ago, when it was still a Greek or a disco. So I knew y had a great basement. " Maybe you could play with Mingus in Wonderland again, he thought. So just went over and learned that basement is only occasionally used for companies. In a nutshell, he suggested wher one could not set up a jazz club-and came up with benevolence. So now a new jazz club in Munich is actually opening up, "music group".

Some will know name: Jerker Kluge supervised under this label from 2003 on Wednesdays Jazz evenings in "Prague Spring" in Schwabing-until this shop with its "best" was way of so many Munich clubs went. Under "Chois" in Tumblingerstraße 36, however, case may look different. "Apart from slaughterhouse, re is hardly anything else in neighbourhood to go away. This is why you should not just come to a certain concert, but simply look over and be sure that good music is being played, "says Kluge.

The spacious, honeycomb-styled and trendy vaulted cellar has flair, almost like most beautiful clubs in Paris. On top of that, it sounds excellent, according to clever "dry and clear", so that it can be played acoustically or only with a very small system. Kluge does not even have to rent basement ("that would be too risky"), he only organizes. The restaurant receives beverage sales, musicians 70 percent of entry. It will cost ten euros. "Little enough so you don't have to think about it for a long time. But also so much that musicians get a reasonable gage, "says Kluge.

With three days a week it's going on now. The first and third thunder stages of month are desired jour fixe for Mingus in Wonderland, or two gets drummer Bastian Jütte for a "Thursday night Jazz meeting" with alternating lineups. The Fridays and Saturday are played by various bands, first are quartet of singer Miriam Arens, Paul Brändle Quartet and Helltones Septet with Peter Inker. Preferably "real, classical jazz" will be heard, "a Freejazz shed we will certainly not," says Kluge.

Especially local jazz musicians are supposed to get a place here. For four months, Kluge agreed with restaurant operators as a test phase. If everything goes well, he can even imagine extending offer. So it could happen a little Munich jazz miracle-if only audience is playing.

Information about program at

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