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Macron declares war on mobile in school

If the law prospers, in the next course these devices will be banned in French schools

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Macron declares war on mobile in school

The mobile phone has become so indispensable in this modern society that it seems to have turned into a human appendage. and regulating ir use (ir abuse) has been transformed into a necessity for some governments. France, among m. The first example has been given by President of Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who has banned cell phones at meetings of Council of Ministers. Before initiating deliberations, executive members deposit ir cell phones at lockers. Neir mail is consulted nor Twitter is reviewed or sent wasaps while Ministers consider attentively and carefully pros and cons of a decision before adopting it.

With precedent of Council of Ministers, Macron wants to expand ban on mobile phones to or areas. The principal: school. Mobile-addicted students will have to learn to unhook at least during ir stay at center. Not only in classroom but also in recess. France presents this measure as a "detox". It will encourage attention to teacher explanations, combat bullying and mitigate anxiety of those young slaves of technology.

Studies show that mobiles accentuate cyberbullying among schoolchildren, facilitate ir access to pornography and contribute to ir social isolation. They are a new form of addiction (baptized as Nomofobia). In defence of prohibition by law of its use, French minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blancher, said of cell phones: "They are a technological advance, but y cannot monopolize our life. You can't progress in a world of technology if you can't read, write, count, respect ors and work as a team. "

If Macron's plans thrive in next course, se devices will be banned in schools. The measure will have a big impact (90% of children 12 years of age or older have mobile), although many doubt that it can be carried out effectively. Its critics claim that bill is a mere "communication operation" that will have no effect since half of schools already prohibit smartphones in ir facilities.

It remains to be seen wher schools that do not respect law will be punished and how systems will be arbitrated for teachers to enforce letter. If France approves this difficult review, with which it wants to launch a "public health" message, countries such as United Kingdom and Ireland could follow same path.

Banning mobile phones in schools falls within Macron's regulatory zeal, whose legal arsenal has also been deployed against information manipulation. No more talking about fake news or fake news. The opposition deputies have lowered reglamentistas aspirations and have done so under argument that when power defines what is truth or lies, democracy is in jeopardy. From re to censorship re can be a very short (and dangerous) stretch. In a democracy even liars have room. What needs to be done is to expose m so that citizens can identify m.

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