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Manolo Escobar, Llach and the pigs

In an investment of papers, the author of my car becomes a symbol of the song protests against the independentist fundamentalism of the singer-songwriter

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Manolo Escobar, Llach and the pigs

Only from a state of alienation could have been imagined that Manolo Escobar would become an icon of protest song and that Lluis Llach would degenerate into behaviors of an oppressor. The papers were changed in Franco's time. And not because Escobar was an oppressor or a henchman, but his repertoire cañi provided regime an anaessia of dandruff, nobly and salt shaker, while moan of Llach represented in French exile prayer against tyranny and vexation of Catalan people.

It is perspective from which it impresses versatility of L'Estaca. The anm of oppression has resulted in an instrument of ethnic and cultural purity. And Lluis Llach has been offered as guardian of essences and intimidating expression, heap, to extreme of having proposed to persecute and denounce to officials who resist to submit to law of transience.

It is impressing to read it, law, because it could have been written in any model of imitative and degenerate democracy. And because it does not finish to understand that victims of Francoism and personalities who suffered it, Lluis Llach, for example, sign a political project that disfigures Parliament, neutralizes opposition, manipulates referendums, exalts nation, Multiply propaganda, exclude difference and organize large popular mobilizations.

Franco is alive. Not because it is obsessively resurrected by independent movement, Pablo Iglesias and champions fanatics of nationalism, but because same Catalonia that suffered discrimination and siege of warlord has proposed parody.

The case of Llach is one of most striking. He has turned his deputy seat into a patriotic obligation and a commitment of nationalist orthodoxy. A good example is sophistication of its rejection of independent position of Community bodies. "They are pigs", summed up chansonnier in allusion to Tajani, Tusk and Juncker, and in reference to family photo that were made with Felipe VI and Rajoy in Oviedo by wrapping institutional order.

Llach is a convert. From oppressed to oppressor. of resistance to dogma. And it produces pregnancy to hear reflections on tyrannical state, when revolution that he says incarnate comes from system and brings toger all resources of system. Nothing simpler in oppressed or more conventional country than to adhere to sovereignty movement. Heroism, transgression, consists in defending constitutional order and shared culture, so that Manolo Escobar assumes in a abradacadabrante way — as Jacques Chirac would say — melody of provocation. And not because ir songs stir soul — rar y grind it, Desasosiegan — but because sense of humour and percussion of tambourine acquire a cathartic value against fundamentalism.

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