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Married, the master and the old essences of the new PP

Only a leader of the Conservative formation is able to present himself to the primaries while he is investigated for his suspicious academic curriculum

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Married, the master and the old essences of the new PP

If renewal of Popular party is limited to generational exchange, it must be admitted that formation of Rajoy has embarked on a splendid facelift. Pablo Casado (37 years) relieves Mariano Rajoy, who has 26 more than new leader, and, incidentally, aligns with youth and certain ways of his rivals: Pedro Sánchez (46 years), Pablo Iglesias (39) and Albert Rivera (38). For rest, new president of PP is a good representative of some of essences that distinguish Spanish Conservative Party.

The integrative will of new leader, an attitude that honors him, is a show, in turn, of his scarce innovative spirit. He disseminated photo of final campaign surrounded by José Manuel Soria, Rafael Catala, Isabel García Tejerina, María Dolores de Cospedal, Dolors Monserrat, Juan Ignacio Zoido and José Manuel García Margallo. It was a demonstrative picture that concept of marriage renovation is as empty of content as one that was flag of former minister Margallo, who was a candidate in primaries with little success and will meet this summer 74 April.

There are analysts who consider that perhaps ir ideological turn on right is an electoral strategy designed to attract bases, more conservative than some of ir first swords. Time will tell if such an appreciation corresponds to reality or, indeed, it undertakes a battle without quarter against law of times of abortion, euthanasia or that of historical memory. But, for moment, re are obvious signs that married is at least part of this peper culture that so abhors corruption of ors while minimizing own aderezándolas of half truths.

Only a high PP charge investigated by a university master who allegedly did not attend is able to opt for leadership without blinking. Not only that, but he admitted with ease that he did not go to class because rules were not demanded; A fallacious argument, according to teachers. But it's same. Married was introduced to primaries and, asked by fastidious master, he took on anor tactic amply tested among his own: What a coincidence!, came to say, to investigate me now, just when I am a candidate. Tricky strategy, every time scandal was prior to primaries.

The university Rey Juan Carlos, in which also attended a suspect master former president of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes, has been discredited and justice continues today dismantling alibis of two politicians. The instinct did not fail Paul married, and such a strikethrough in his record, coupled with an artificial academic curriculum and deceptively swollen, has not passed any bill in Popular party. After all — and here y are right — it is a minor case in face of corruption scandals in which ors have been designated (and condemned). Of course, PP still argues that Gürtel's sentence does not justify motion of censure that gave power to PSOE. Married still has to learn that some essences of his party can no longer be ignored. Citizens have warned that, if imputed, y will have to resign. And that changes everything. With a similar phrase, Rivera unwittingly initiated expulsion of Rajoy from public life.

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