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Marunion prices announced early

This year, at the request of the partners to start the product purchases on the price of the marunity, the ceiling price for 180 grain 9.80 tl, the base price of 410 for the decision to be 4 TL. The price of olive oil was also determined as $3 TL. Product purchases will start from October 25th.

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Marunion prices announced early

Marbirlik announced prices early on intensive demand from remaining partners in 2017-2018 product purchase campaign. The price of ceiling in purchase campaign is 9.80 TL for 180 grains, whereas base price is set to 4 TL for 410 grains, and price of olive oil was announced as 3 TL. The term declaration of scheduled termination on October 20th will be extended for 5 days, while product purchases shall begin in authority and responsibility of cooperatives from 25 October.

Marunion Board of Directors President Hidmet ASA, 2017-2018 product acquisition campaign in scope of Rekolte declaration purchases began on 20 September stating that, up to now 21 thousand partners in 8 cooperative regions reported that 48 thousand tonnes of Rekolte statement received. The Scepter stressed that this figure corresponds to 71 per cent of partners, noting that re are setbacks in some regions due to late rainfall and full damage.


"Our product acquisition campaign will start from 25 October," said President Asa, explaining that term for end of October 20th was extended until October 25th. However, upon intensive demand from our partners, product acquisition prices are decided to be explained early. With decision of our Board of directors, ceiling price is 9.80 tl for 180 grains, base price is 410 grain, and price of olive oil is 3 tl. Thus, average 30 percent increase in product purchase prices this year. By observing market conditions, manufacturer, Co-operative and balance of consumer, marto increase our sales without harming union. Because marunit has been damaged because it cannot sell in past. The product is very easy to buy, it is essential to sell product without harming, "he said.


0.40 cents to full damage

President Hidmet Asa said product purchase campaign will be priced in two groups of 420-460 delivered as oil in previous years to support manufacturer. The Scepter noted that 420-430 will be paid an additional 0.40 cents from Joint Aid fund for full shot.

Hidatimet Asa said he would be entitled to deliver product as much as statement to partners in scope of campaign. He also noted that 80 percent of product costs will be paid in advance in weekly periods, Asa continued:

"As marunity Board of Directors, we have our manufacturer, now our partners. Let our manufacturer think that industry has been through a difficult process this year which is an increase in agricultural product. We're looking out for our work. Because we have a lot of work to do. We thank our partners for all our principals and employees who have contributed greatly to our acquisition of products at se prices, and for our 32 thousand partners. I wish 2017-2018 product acquisition campaign to be fruitful and abundant. "


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