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Merkel does not call the streets by their Nazi names

Rajoy is not asked to judge Francoism, but at least be at this time, our time

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Merkel does not call the streets by their Nazi names

Choose a Nazi Gyrfalcon anyone and n imagine Merkel defending him to continue naming a street in Germany. The great Admiral Dönitz, for example, who sank a few submarines in command of navy of III Reich, would be an approximate equivalent to that of Salvador Moreno, whose street remains in force in memory and particular universe of Rajoy.

Can you imagine? Merkel, with a nostalgic air in front of a German sailor aboard a military vessel, recalls times he lived next to a Naval school in his native Hamburg (a saying). "Ay, Dönitz Street." I don't know why y took street. "I've lived re for many years and I keep calling it that." Impossible. Matter of scandal. and accountability at highest level.

But that is exactly what happened to president of Government, who on board Patrolman Infanta Cristina recounted with longing his closeness of life to Naval School of Marín (Pontevedra) and street in question. "I don't know why y took street from Admiral Moreno but anyway, I've lived re for many years and I keep calling it that." Karl Dönitz not only sank submarines but also, by committing suicide Hitler on April 30, 1945, he became his successor until May 23 when he was detained. Our Savior Moreno did not exactly have same mission — although it contributed to construction of submarines for Germany — but several that it would be advisable not to forget: He participated in coup of 18 July that unleashed Civil war; It became strong in arsenal of Ferrol; Bombed Gijón; He fought Basques at Battle of Machichaco and, later transferred to Mediterranean, bombarded civilian population fleeing Malaga in an attack that left between 3,000 and 5,000 dead. He was Minister of Navy of Franco and admiral since 1950. For all this it was one of 35 high charges of Francoism imputed by Garzón in national audience in cause that tried in 2008.

But Rajoy is not asked to judge Francoism, but to be in his time, in our time, which is what governs and which should not fit se things. The street lost its name long before law of historical memory, when Socialists and BNG of Pontevedra seemed to m obvious: that coupe did not deserve a street in democracy. In 2002 it became called Rosalía de Castro.

At best, we are faced with hilarious form of Rajoy to react at times, as when it distanced from climate change because it was told by his cousin or when he approaches a reform of Constitution, as on Wednesday, with a declaration of principles like : "I don't say no." In worst — and actually — we are facing a new chapter in popular series "We will ignore victims and need to overcome wounds." After all, PP has emptied law of historical memory. And that is why Pazo de Meirás remains incomprehensible in hands of Franco's family. Though his admired Merkel could never understand it.

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