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Methadone F ü R Wiesen ü Powerful

Only 50 weeks, then Hey ß t's again "O ' taps is!" how the time until then ö possible without withdrawal symptoms L ä SST.

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Methadone F ü R Wiesen ü Powerful

18 days of WIESN were brought to Munich this year. In end, re is faction that twists ir eyes and says "time has come", and those who have tears in ir eyes and no longer know whir, without tent on Theresienwiese. For latter, who now feel homeless, since y can no longer roar breathlessly every evening, this small substitution program is recommended.

The sense of community

Strangely enough, re are a large number of munichers who enthusiastically plunge into marquee every evening, cheering Australians, Japanese and French, but avoiding Hofbräuhaus in Munich as an alleged tourist trap. A certain Wiesngefühl is nowhere near as close as re are. Visitors from all over world despair at sausage, re is hearty food and lots of beer, and it plays brass. Anyone who carries out his costume here without any reason must not feel funny. At table re are amusing conversations with guests from Wisconsin or pan-Eickel who want to feel Bavarian way of life. Someone is always way too drunk. A cosy evening at Oktoberfest will come as close as you can get without Oktoberfest.

Pictures 7.5 million mass beer for 6.2 million drinkers balance of 184. Oktoberfest is positive. The 18 days of Wiesnwahnsinn were cozy, entschleunigt and largely peaceful. More... The rides

Now re are Wiesnfans, for which use of all possible rides is indispensable with feast. This is of course not possible in Hofbräuhaus. The adrenaline rush-longing is recommended to take a day trip to car or to train. In Allgäu Skyline Park, a three quarters away, or in Bavarian park in Lower Bavarian Fellbach. Those who love roller coasters or wild over-head twist-shaking shops can go here for admission price as often as y want, and thus even get cheaper than on Oktoberfest. It is necessary to drive so incredibly much that collected adrenaline lasts for a while.

The chicken

In excessive Wiesngängern, after end of feast, a deep observation is often observed, which is attributed to decline in protein supply. In evening visitor ate his half-chicken, stomach had just gotten used to it. Now again 50 weeks a day choice of all imaginable dishes from a like Aaalsushi to Z like cinnamon snail. If Wiesnsüchtige wants to escape crushing offer, retreat to Lindwurmstüberl will help. The preppy small restaurant is located not only in vicinity of Theresienwiese and is run by a Wiesnwirtefamilie, it also specializes in local.

The attractiveness

One or or likes it in tents so well, because cleavages of ladies and calves of men en masse. There is always something to look at in a hilariously festive tent. In cold season this is no longer so easy. If you can't wait until summer to see naked skin, this is a visit to nearby indoor pool. At latest in sauna, human being can be observed in its purest form. Unfortunately, however, beer-blessed view is missing, and perhaps visitor is even glad that I usually keep people on street somewhat more covered than in marquee.

The smell

The Wiesnfreude packs most at latest when wild mix of fried chicken, Steckerlfisch and roasted almonds rises into nose. Depending on where visitor is located on meadow, one, sometimes or smell, outweighs time. But what always remains, at least outside, is sweet fragrance of almonds. For those who want to get to know m, it is best to go on Marienplatz at Kaufingerstraße Straße or run through main entrance of main station towards tracks. There are usually stalls selling baked almonds. You hardly have smell in your nose, you mean to hear a quiet "cheers of coziness" play.

The masses

Body rubs itself to body, one always stays too abrupt and one rises with his Haferlschuh on toe of his next man. Seekers gaze over tangle of heads, where are ors? The WIESN, it is, especially on weekends and almost always in evenings in ships of marquees, a hidden object of Ali Mitgutsch, and constantly visitor has an undesirable elbow in side, buttocks of tent hintermannes in back and a conversation that makes him Nothing in ear.

As even annoying quirks of Expartners sometime are missing, even scrum of Wiesnsüchtingen appears sometime as Vermissenswert. This is an easy remedy. A trip to Ikea on Saturday reminds us that, as far as this is concerned, it can be tolerated until next year.

When love of white beer carousel waits some marriage lasts more than 50 years, anor relationship fails in marquee. SZ readers tell ir love stories of Oktoberfest. Protocols of Jana Stegemann more...


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