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Minimum rent to the rescue

The politics of the People's Party precludes the launching of actions necessary to tackle the growing problem of poverty in single-parent families

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Minimum rent to the rescue

Social changes sometimes break out forcefully, but without prior warning, in economic structures, especially in prosecutors and in consumer. The Multiparental families ' multiplication responds to this character of silent change that moves below perception of viewer and that is appreciated only over time. What is meant by a single parent family? For one that is supported on a single head of family ( far or mor is missing, for various causes) and takes care of children or dependents to his charge. Monoparental typing offers no doubt. What produces more concern is economic-administrative treatment of monoparentism. In next direction.

Should single-parent family be treated with positive discrimination approaches, such as those applied to or population groups? Or do we have to pay attention to income of each family and act accordingly? For example, families with only one parent have obvious difficulties in managing children's education, as family's financial support has to work; and statistics show that single-parent families have a greater bias towards low incomes and poverty, precisely because re is no possibility of doubling income in head of family in most cases. But it is not possible to exclude possibility of single-parent units with high incomes. Therefore, most adjusted procedure should be measurement of rent.

The trade response has quickly detected social phenomenon and has articulated with swift responses to increase market share among new family modalities. Help, offers, special prices ... The housing market has also been proposed to provide homes or flats for less spacious family dimensions. It is necessary to occupy new niches of business (it is family strip that more grows) and, if possible, to adapt to economic situation of each segment of income. Single parent units have somewhat different forms of living. Often only adult who works needs time to deal with children or dependents who live in ir home. And refore ir labor demands are also different. In this case, reconciling house relatively well with part-time jobs, for example. This particular circumstance clearly illustrates difficulties of income and economic stability that may appear in single-parent family band.

All of above refers mainly to what re is: description of economic units, characteristics and weaknesses more responses of commercial groups and also in some cases (few) of public administrations. But what we really need to discuss is what are right solutions to correct poverty trend and low income of se family groups. and only valid and universal solution — while also protecting or groups in need of social protection — to mitigate poverty bias of families with a single source of income (precarious in addition) is to establish a staggered program and Structured minimum guaranteed income. The decisive question today remains same as or countries in which debate was raised is it possible today to establish a minimum income, in such a way that population groups affected by unemployment are protected or, as in case that we are dealing with , or by family situations of special income weakness?

The answer is that with government's economic and fiscal policy, no. The systematic reduction of income, obsession with cutting taxes, weakens capacity of government intervention to exhaust.


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