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Minister Luis de Guindos insists that Spain will have a position in the ECB

The minister wants to remove the ghost of Spanish irrelevance after the appointment of Portuguese rye as president of the Eurogroup

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Minister Luis de Guindos insists that Spain will have a position in the ECB

Spain will play part of its international political weight in a single letter: a position in executive of European Central Bank. With Portuguese Mário Centeno already confirmed as president of Eurogroup and Spanish institutional presence in minima, minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, wanted to take away yesterday in Brussels ghost of Spanish irrelevance. He acknowledged that Spain is underrepresented, but insisted that situation will soon be reversed. "I am convinced that we will gain weight." The next position that emerges in executive of ECB is going to be for Spain. I'm convinced, "he said.

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The Spanish government counts as his vacancy that will leave in May 2018 Portuguese Vítor Constancio, vice-president of ECB. Portugal has been precisely reverse of currency: Despite not being among most populous countries in continent, in recent past it was done with charges such as presidency of European Commission, and now has UN General Secretariat and above-mentioned posts In ECB and Eurogroup.

No candidate

Since Spanish desire to obtain position in ECB has been exposed by executive to clear, big question that flies over Spanish aspiration is name of its occupant. Guindos has rejected by active and passive to reveal if he will be candidate for office, but mystery is left for weeks: At end of January letters will be put on table at meeting of Eurogroup, when deadline for submitting candidates is opened. Against him, he plays ECB's scarce want for political profiles. In his favor, best trick is that absence of Spanish surnames in offices and corridors where EU is playing its future.

Five years after Spain first came out of ECB executive committee, Madrid did not expect a setback, but fiasco of Luis de Guindos in his fight for Eurogroup in 2015 acts as a fatal precedent and vaccine against overconfidence.

Meanwhile, minister has shown his confidence in newly elected Mário Centeno, which Spain supported to reach top of Eurogroup, informal meeting of finance ministers of eurozone. "He will be a very good president," he opened.


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