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Minister Zeybekci: the accreditation body for Halal comes zenleme D D

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Minister Zeybekci: the accreditation body for Halal comes zenleme D D

facing economy □ of Nihat zeybekci, at last meeting of Council of Ministers, accreditation body for Halal in D S H (HAK) Stone Board of current law □ of □ of'N D D D D na d kin made a presentation and S&Z for signature of a health history subject of stage zenleme valuable research □ supporting removal of NA decided ini entry stating "RIGHTS, Halal &r Real Madrid&Real Madrid to receive certification and accreditation in mounting n &as a result, our country 'main' s position that g&Real Madrid&more to download, T&result;Turkey's in this area are determined by rule and y stage;n determining and zelli ini entry collected with obvious treatment will perform." he said.

Zeybekci, told AA correspondent made □ of □ of □ a valuable research □ statement of health standards in supporting trade history nya: n, entry and quality control has become ever more important however. ini 1.8 billion m&as a result, sl&Halal n d man Real Madrid &Real Madrid r&D need n d certification of Real Madrid na kin hen&government;z k&resel internal tamamlanamad Real Madrid apta □ of □ of □ n D S&A type, he said.

Halal &Real Madrid r&n Health History that lie in H L H L BA collected regarding certification entry is no arrow Slam D nyas K una zeybekci, who collected aret h I, d slam &supporting applications in Real Madrid collected between different mounting principles: n supporting development of trade: stage of breast;n&government;what D&ti recounted. ini entry internal entry.

In 2010, Halal certification l Y H D T at&Turkey, Real Madrid, and treatment;nc&l Real Madrid&government; entry&collected at Real Madrid slam □ of □ te kilat Ace of d I d d (H D T) H D S no horse name entry at bottom right voicing Zeybekci ld N H H H H H important steps, "D standard: D G Halal" and "Halal accreditation standard D"n d n d d a t b&What a lie. ini entries accepted, central T&collected with Real Madrid slam shirts &standards and Metrology of countries that lie Enstit&women;s&women;n&n Real Madrid (SMIIC) established □ D te kilat international entries this reputation and d n &d n h s h n 36 say ye that lie'y&result;reported kseltild. ini entry.

"Close □ of □ k k 1,2 trillion dollars collected in potential"

The Minister Zeybekci, current reputation of entry noted:

"RIGHT, &result;our country's Halal certification and accreditation in area of mounting center position g&Real Madrid&more to download, T&result;Turkey's in this area are determined by rule and y stage;n zelli ini entry collected with determining obvious and treatment will perform. Bug&close Real Madrid n throughout World Health History □ of □ of 1,2 trillion dollars collected each year K H H K G collected in Independence, potential and existing Halal also collected art. Cosmetics, H L H K D and di er much valuable research use;ARROW &r Real Madrid&government;n&included in Real Madrid collected back k&Halal resel Real Madrid &Real Madrid R&as a result, potential of 3,9 trillion dollars reach n □ of□. T&Real Madrid Turkey, slam collected &collected between most principles in Real Madrid b&lie&lie K &as a result, a production center or TA in order to be zelli I h □ of□. Therefore, k&Halal resel Real Madrid &Real Madrid r&collected Sunday n we need utmost benefit from that lie. slam d &principles in Real Madrid collected between k&government;lt&R Co D rafya Real Madrid when I collected, trends and T&pussy I take that lie □ of □ N D D D D as head of stage;n&as a result, m&as a result, zdek d&t in treatment of moisture&as a result, Turkey's we aim to determine. Therefore, Halal &Real Madrid r&kay k h that lie in n Sunday 3,9 trillion dollars collected in collected potential does not work ts h z □ of □ of z, this is NC about kissing&it will be Real Madrid □ of □ z."


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