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Mohamed came to live and not to die in cell 41

The Algerian Bouderbala has died in the penal Archidona, which is not jail or CIE but the limbo of Zoido

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Mohamed came to live and not to die in cell 41

The imprisonment of immigrants in uninaugurated jail of Archidona is itself a shameful irregularity, since Spanish law prohibits use of penitentiary spaces for se purposes. But it is also becoming a cluster of illegalities and dysfunctions with serious consequences that minister of Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, should explain to Spaniards with absolute accuracy. And that opposition parties, without exception, should demand.

Mohamed Bouderbala, a 36-year-old Algerian, was encouraged to jump to a patera in autumn and try to reach Spain in search of work. He managed to reach coast but was captured and on November 20, along with several hundred immigrants, was locked in Archidona. On December 29th, man who was oretically not a prisoner committed suicide in cell 41 of what was oretically not a penal. His body was discovered next day, hung from a sheet, after 15 hours without any review. His family has defined him as cheerful, in love with life and in no case willing to die.

The government, despite warnings of illegality and shortcomings made by Ombudsman, numerous NGOs and some judges, has locked hundreds of immigrants arriving in Patera in this future prison before proceeding to return. Without police officers, but with riots. Without running water (that is why prison has not yet been inaugurated) and without minimum conditions so that y can live with dignity. Indifferent to criticism, executive came to have seven children, aged between 14 and 17 years, and has maintained this situation, which has also deteriorated with news of protests in its interior until culminating with death of Bouderbala.

Without proper penitentiary protocols that would have prevented ir isolation for so many hours, for example, and at same time without means with which ciess counted, Bouderbala died before he was killed. In Zoido's limbo, in which non-jail is not an CIE, but dying, you can die. His family opened a cause when y did not believe suicide, judge had it wired by confirming that that was cause of death, family has appealed file and some NGOs denounce that State has failed in its duty of custody of a person in charge. Algeria claims corpse and has also opened an investigation.

Beyond judicial actions, if re is a criminal responsibility in his death, re is an enormous moral responsibility in that a young man who has crossed strait to undertake anor life risking all ends up dead in custody of rioters of Inside. How did you treat him? How did you feed him? Were y allowed to move, communicate, defend mselves or, as y have denounced m and Ombudsman, who visited m a month ago, were in infamous conditions? And it is not that jail or CIE are desirable goals, of course, but worse is limbo. In Zoido it will be difficult to investigate.

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