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Monsignor Setién and the Serpent of Peace

The late bishop of San Sebastián condescended with the terrorists and was relentless to the victims

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Monsignor Setién and the Serpent of Peace

It does not seem probable that Monsignor Setién resurrect on third day. The misdeeds of his existence have mortgaged him Kingdom of heaven. And y subtract it from convention of a sweetened elegy.  That is why pater sovereignty is not entitled to diplomacy of sepulchral style, a literary genre that exalts merits of deceased at expense of hiding errors. And that is used to summarize in a presumptuous and grandiloquent epitaph. The pain caused by obituary and choral tradition of mourners conceal even most ferocious and ruthless.

Perhaps Setién remains in category, even more stripped of cross and Episcopal habit that disguised its ambiguity with terrorism. Not because he had warping an attack or because he had legitimized m with holy water of pipes, but because he contributed to messages of indulgence and empathy, as if it were possible to assume a position of equidistance between executioner and victim in name of The or cheek.

Setién had no compassion with dead of ETA and did have condescension with gunmen, to extreme of elevating m to rank of revolutionaries. It was perspective from which massacres could be justified. Not only because y represented inevitable invoice of occupation war, but because child, Civil Guard, journalist or soldier were necessary martyrs of path to normalcy, understanding as normal amnesia and obscenity with which y have The intellectual heroes of terrorism have been assimilated into institutions.

Edmund Burke has written that victory of evil only requires that good do nothing. And Setién cannot be reproached for flaw of passivity. On contrary, he speculated on side of evil and turned confessionals into Zulos. And he made homilies an exercise in advocacy of resistance and independence that would have been assumed by any jihadist cleric.

It was not a man of God Setién. Not a church man. The message of tolerance of Christianity and its universal vocation resented from a obscurantist and ruthless bias. Setién sympathized with sovereignty by stroking jackals with his ring. and Abasteciéndolos of Ultraterrestrial promises, none as attractive as independence of Basque Country.

It has not lived to bless birth of new farland with incense of antique gunpowder, but almost arrives in time to vote in referendum that have rigged PNV and Bildu in strategy of disconnection and in provocation mimetic of Catalan sovereignty. The extremist Basque and Catalan clergy sympathize in pyre of Constitution. and venerate serpent of peace that Monsignor Setién guarded in his lap, recreating in helplessness of victims of ETA and evoking sinister passage of Don Carlos de Schiller in which Marques de Poza complains Felipe II have predisposed peace... of Sep Ulcros. Says Rubalcaba that in Spain is buried very well. And he's right, but Monsignor Setién deserves a mass grave without an epitaph.

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