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Montoro details the supreme nine allegations and writings by illegal financing of the ' procés '

The Minister of Finance assures Judge Llarena that his statements about the ballot boxes are not contradicted by the action of Justice

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Montoro details the supreme nine allegations and writings by illegal financing of the ' procés '

The Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, has ensured through a document addressed to Magistrate Pablo Llarena, that his department presented nine writings denouncing state attorney general and Court of Auditors between 14 February 2017 and 7 February This year for possible crimes related to misuse of public money by Generalitat, according to letter that has been forward this Monday being and accessed by this newspaper.

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With this report, Montoro tries to explain to instructor of cause by rebellion and embezzlement of leaders of procés some statements in an interview in world in which it assured: "I do not know with what money were paid those polls of Chinese of 1 of October , nor maintenance of Puigdemont. But I know that not with public money. " After his words were published, Llarena called on minister to explain why he said that no public money was used in illegal referendum.

In his report, owner of Treasury maintains that statement and asks that it be put "in journalistic and political context" in which it was said. "My statements in no way contradict means of evidence practiced by courts of justice," he adds, in letter, of eight pages.

In its reply, Minister extolsed government's control systems of budget of Catalonia since November 20, 2015, because thanks to m "it has prevented that re is instrumentalization of a public budget to achieve Independence of a part of Spanish territory. " Neverless, it considers that some crimes related to use of public money for Procés have been committed. "In cases where suspicion of evidence of crime has been detected, it has been duly staged in knowledge of judicial authorities," he adds.

The nine writings to which it alludes are four presented before Attorney general of State because Catalan comptroller did not provide sufficient information on Catalan referendum and ors that address refusal of Generalitat to provide audit contracts and provision of banking services, lack of information on game of publicity, dissemination and electoral campaigns and refusal of Catalan authorities to explain expenses of Diplocat, organ created by Catalan executive to disseminate Procés internationally.

It also details five or writings submitted to Court of Auditors. In one of m, of 20 October 2017, it requests that action of Cultural Òmnium and of Catalan National Assembly be investigated in consultation of October 1; And in anor letter, dated November 14, 2017, beginning of proceedings is requested for a possible accounting responsibility on part of 200 mayors of Catalan municipalities who traveled to Brussels to participate in an event convened by Puigdemont.


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