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Montoro refuses to make an exception with the staff of Aena

The calling of the strike at the airports remains suspended

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Montoro refuses to make an exception with the staff of Aena

The call of strike at airports remains suspended

negotiations of The group Aena and unions have an actor who is not sitting at table and that conditions of form determinant: Ministry of Finance. The position of this department is crucial for two claims is most important going forward: an increase in staff of 700 workers between Aena and matrix Enaire, and recovery of purchasing power lost by template during crisis, by around 8%. To this latter point, Treasury shows a lot of resistance, point sources of same department, which refuses to set wage differentials between se workers and ors in public sector.

Both Aena as Enaire part of public sector and, refore, wages and volume of template depend on decision of Cristobal Montoro. The same thing happens with or public sector entities: Post office, Navantia, RTVE or Tragsa. From Treasury fear that, if now an exception is made, it feels a precedent for or templates in public sector.

To this argument unions CC OO, UGT and USO, backed up by managers of group Aena, with president of Aena, José Ramón Vargas in head, y respond that Aena deserves exception of his good gear, and thanks to it have distributed dividends to shareholders ( manager airport is a listed company) and have reduced airport charges paid by airlines. Following this reasoning, trade unions argue that workers were only group that does not take advantage of good moment of company.

however, representatives of workforce is aware of evolution of contracts and salaries is in hands of Treasury, and you look sideways at what happens in negotiations of bureau of public function.

In parallel, y will this week continue talks with group Aena and Ministry of Development. The advances that have been made in or two claims have been made that, for moment, have not concluded calling of strike than y had anticipated in August. According to that announcement, protests were to begin tomorrow, September 15 and lasted for 25 days. These plans are being delayed by progress of negotiations and willingness that y found central Building.

trade union Sources point out that yes, re are advances in or two claims. The first of se is publication in official gazette and, consequently, entry into force of extension of agreement signed in 2015, something that would have already have commitments. The or is fulfillment of aspects of reconciliation of work contained in agreement that company would not be fulfilling until now, according to unions, and that now would be willing to apply.


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