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More militarism and isolation

US budgets for 2019 shoot military spending and Antiinmigratoria policy

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More militarism and isolation

The budget for 2019 presented by Donald Trump confirms — in case someone still needed it — worst omens about what rest of his presidency will be.

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A soaring military spending, with special reinforcement of borders and nuclear forces, coupled with a large deficit increase, with a drastic cut in social spending and international cooperation, plus rupture of promise to contain expenditures is plan with which The United States will continue to embark on path of aggressive isolation that is incomprehensible to many of its citizens and to its allies.

True to his style of spectacular promises, president presents as a star program an investment in infrastructure of 200 billion dollars in next ten years that, in ory, will serve as agglutinator to reach a total of 1.5 trillion between Public and private funds. But this is about paper, because truth is that no one has explained how such an ambitious plan can be financed. What's more, Trump promised that public investment would be 1 trillion, and at time of truth he has left it in five times less.

Meanwhile, in just under three weeks, 700,000 registered immigrants who arrived in U.S. as children will be left without legal protection. Trump has not included any game for so-called Dreamers in budget. The reason distills cynicism: it has done so that congressmen can freely debate and reach an agreement.

That diplomacy is going to have a budget 20 times less than its military machinery reveals Trump's idea of America's role in world. That peace operations and contribution to UN will take brunt of cuts furr away Washington from role of multilateral order that has been exerted for decades. America will spend more but it will influence less.

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