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Movistar endured the type in 2017 despite the intrusion of MásMóvil and mergers

The brand of Telefónica won market share in mobile for the first time since there is competition and maintains its dominance in the fiber

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Movistar endured the type in 2017 despite the intrusion of MásMóvil and mergers

Telefónica, like all former monopolies, has maintained absolute dominance in mobile telephony market. But year after year, it has been giving way to its rivals as liberalization progressed. This trend broke in 2017, year in which, for first time since re is competition, Movistar not only managed to increase its mobile client base but also win market share.

In fixed broadband, Telefónica brand lost market share although it gained more than 400,000 lines of fiber optics. This change of trend is relevant if one takes into account that 2017 was year of intrusion of MásMóvil as integral operator of mobile and fixed broadband, and that its rivals Vodafone and Orange added to its portfolio products and customers of Ono and Jazztel.

Indeed, Movistar won 374,326 lines of mobile last year, and its market share went from 29.9% at end of December 2016 to 30.1%. On contrary, Orange ceded 185,265 lines and Vodafone 152,931, losing also market share. The French brand went from 27.6% to 26.8% and British from 25.7% to 25% at end of 2017, according to data from National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).

The CNMC has added for first time for whole of 2017 in its statistics customers of Jazztel and Orange on one hand, and those of Vodafone and Ono, on or, after having finished processes of merger of se companies.

The mobile phone market begins and not just a thing of three because of strong emergence of MásMóvil, after purchase of Yoigo and PepePhone. At end of 2017, Movistar possessed 15.6 million of mobile lines, by 13.9 million of Orange and 13 million of Vodafone. In front of all of m, MásMóvil slashes 5 million (already surpassed in January) after winning 741,593 customers in last twelve months, and its market share reaches 9.6%, compared to 8.3% of a year ago.

In market sources It is attributed this change of tendency of Telefónica to its commercial policy and to inclusion of additional mobile lines in its converged packages Movistar fusion. For its part, aggressive commercial campaign of MásMóvil and marketing of packages with mobile lines have made fourth operator big winner of 2017.

The operator who runs Meinrad Spenger won mobile customers in large part because y stole m from competition. and is that MásMóvil snatched 400,000 subscribers to its rivals thanks to portability, regulated procedure that allows to move to anor operator for free and retaining number.

Overall, mobile sector closed year with a 52 million line park, 1.7% more compared to December 2016, and penetration is located at 111.8 lines per 100 inhabitants.

Fixed broadband The fiber optic lines in Spain reached 6.6 million in 2017.

MásMóvil was also champion of fixed broadband. It won 382,071 customers and tripled its market share, from 0.9% to 3.5% in Internet connection, thanks to deployment of its own fiber but, above all, to agreement that signed with Orange and that ensures coverage both fiber and ADSL of network of Gallo operator.

Telefónica didn't do anything wrong in this area, eir. Despite yielding 23,637 lines toger, all of m were ADSL, old technology based on telephone copper network. In fiber optic, Movistar won 424,326 lines, and although lost ten points in last year, still dominates more than half of this market (51.9%) and 41.2% of total fixed broadband.

It follows Orange, which after winning more than 30,000 lines in 2017, stands with 27.6% of quota as second operator. Vodafone grew more than its two great rivals. It won almost 200,000 new customers and increased its market share to 23.4%.

All in all, optical fiber to home reached 6,590,000 lines at end of last year, 1.7 million lines more than a year ago. The increase of fiber lines compensates descent of 1.2 million registered by those of ADSL, which closed 2017 with something more than five million.


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