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Natural Gas approved to move its headquarters from Barcelona to Madrid

Service Point, Euroa and Dogi, among others, have moved their headquarters. The president of Freixenet will propose if there is unilateral independence

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Natural Gas approved to move its headquarters from Barcelona to Madrid

Gas Natural Fenosa has approved to change its head office from Barcelona to Madrid. The energy company had convened an extraordinary board of directors for this afternoon to decide wher to move its domicile outside of Catalonia. The multinational energy company is trying to bring peace of mind to hyposis that Catalan parliament will make a unilateral declaration of independence next week. The energy, participated by Criteria (owned by La Caixa), has approved transfer same afternoon that CaixaBank plans to change its headquarters to Palma.

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  • The Dogi group and Proclinic Expert move ir locations outside of Barcelona
  • CaixaBank will use an urgent government decree to transfer its headquarters to Palma

The company has seized decree of urgent measures that Government has approved today and enters into force tomorrow to change its registered office only with agreement of Council (an almost immediate system), without going through shareholders ' meeting (which may take a month). The Council of gas was valued to make transfer to Madrid or to Galicia. But before ir merger with Gas Natural, Unión Fenosa was headquartered in Madrid. And that has weighed to decant for this city, where it has two large resorts, one on avenue of San Luis — former headquarters of Fenosa — and anor in Avenue of America.

The trail of companies and banks that move ir headquarters or at least study to do so if a declaration of independence is produced continues. Yesterday was Banco Sabadell who approved transfer to Alicante. CaixaBank will approve this afternoon. And shareholders ' meeting of Banco Mediolanum, a subsidiary of an Italian entity, today decided to transfer its registered office in Barcelona to Valencia for political situation in Catalonia, as confirmed in a statement. The entity has adopted this decision "as a measure to ensure interests of its customers, to maintain maximum normality and to ensure a stable framework for development of its activity, always in area of supervision of European Central Bank (ECB)", he said.

The Board of Directors of telecommunications operator Euro a decided Thursday to move its headquarters in Barcelona to Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Madrid), as reported by company to alternative Stock market (MAB), where it is quoted. The company, which has a stock market capitalization of 58 million euros, follows steps of biotechnology Oryzon, which announced change of its registered office in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) to Madrid on Tuesday night, with aim of "optimizing ir "Operations and relationship with ir investors." His actions revalued more than 12% and went back up on Thursday.

The textile Dogi International communicated, last Thursday night to CNMV, that its board of directors, meeting in an extraordinary way, had agreed to initiate procedures to move to Madrid. The firm, founded in 1954 by Domènech family, seeks to "optimize its operations and relationship with its investors".

On or hand, copying company Service Point Solutions also met board of directors to analyse a possible change of address "in context of political situation in Catalonia". The company, according to National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), alleges that decision it can make is to defend " interests of company, its shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees". The company, which passed a harsh crisis, billed nine million euros last year, according to its annual accounts.

The president of Freixenet will propose

The President of Chamber of Commerce of Spain and of Freixenet, José Luis Bonet, said this morning that he will propose to Board of Directors of company change of social seat outside of Catalonia in case of declaring. "It is not up to me, it depends on Council, but I will certainly propose it," Bonet said in statements to RNE collected by Europa Press. The worsening of Catalan crisis and possibility of Parlament declaring independence on Monday unilaterally is coinciding with a flight of companies from Catalonia.

"We will wait, until now I believed that independence would not be done, but I begin to think that I have been mistaken and if this is case we will have to act like many," Bonet said. In this way, company, based in Sant Sadurni D'Anoia (Barcelona) and whose journey began in 1861, would follow footsteps of or Catalan companies that have decided to leave Catalonia after independence challenge. "If we are really going to a unilateral declaration of independence, re will be a significant departure from companies in Catalonia, which would cause serious damage to Catalonia," Bonet said, who warned that "an independence is no joke" and that if it Declaring a "real catastrophe" would occur. "It's really a nonsense," he said.

Bonet, who has claimed to be a client of Sabadell, has applauded "common sense" that financial institution has had in deciding to move its headquarters to Alicante. "An exit from European Union would lead to a very difficult situation for depositors, customers and shareholders," he said. "People start to be afraid and that's a bad thing," he said when he was asked if he believed that re had been withdrawal of deposits from Catalan banks. "I think that politicians would have to think, not to look at ir own navel, but to look at citizens, who in end are at ir service, not or way around," he said.


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