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Netta: 12 ' points '. Israel: 0 ' points '

His uncomplex appearance, his courageous aesthetics and his feminist handwriting was able to defy the usual fussiness. Even if you've done the military in the Israeli army

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Netta: 12 ' points '. Israel: 0 ' points '

By circumstances of life that do not come to story, yes: I was one of 7,170,000 spectators who swallowed Saturday night in Spain four hours of songs — some cheesy, or grotesque, or curious — plus a few kilos of potatoes and props Brewer of any group television event. The transmission added a 43.5% of screen share, apparently largest in a decade. Go ahead that one knew nothing of Spanish song and even less of representatives Amaia and Alfred, apart from that its appearance always raises audience in media. One lives a little clueless.

I do not know if anyone had said it already, it was probably obvious, but re were three: he with Roosters, no voice, no leadership, she passable and song a Ñoñez. The thing was going from bad to worse since burning of piano of singer Ukrainian to empalago of Spanish, to neons of galactic dress of a great Estonian soprano that world today began to combine quickly in networks with memes of Puigdemont Proclaiming independence among its folds of light. Estonia sang splendidly, but it was so constraineded by fireworks apparatus that it loaded from waist to bottom that, in moments, apremiaban desire to go to its rescue.

Almost everything was between hilarious and ridiculous, with exceptions, until Netta arrived, an Israeli so groundbreaking for his physique and style that made us jump between crumbs of chips (it is a saying).

Netta — we were told — had suffered harassment in his childhood. And his uncomplex appearance, his kilos and his colorful and courageous aestics was already transmitting an interesting audacity. His handwriting against Barbies, his "I, m not your toy, you stupid Boy" was contagious. You could say that, in addition to Hungarian heavies who toured stage with best screams and bangs within reach, was most surprising of Eurovision. Everything else had been seen already. And Netta knew how to rejoice, defy, convince, give a cut of sleeves to horterismo and fussiness of almost everyone else. From a style opposed to Sobral, intimate and charismatic winner of 2017, Netta also managed to convey aunticity. and personality.

Then came controversy. The boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement that advocates economic isolation for Israel called for its boycott because it made Mili coinciding with Israeli military offensive in Gaza of 2014. He was in band of Navy, fulfilling his obligation, which in Israel affects men and women equally. As in calls to boycott of Woody Allen by accusations of abuse by his adopted daughter or with Roman Polansky for which y weigh against him in United States, does work matter or matter suspicions? Does song matter or, in this case, its origin?

The crudeness of international situation obliges us today to put focus on savage repression with which Israel strikes Palestinians. But leave Netta Barzilai and his feminist song, modern and groundbreaking, his rotund presence and his cut of sleeves to harassment and rancid models of femininity and machismo out of here. Today it's time to reward Netta: 12 points. and punish Israel: 0 points.

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