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Never again

Catalan civil society regains voice, streets and institutions

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Never again

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans yesterday showed that October 8 demonstration was not a fleeting response to independence. Overflowing streets of Barcelona again, y made it quite clear how comfortable y feel in Spanish constitutional Framework and, above all, that y are not willing to give m hegemony of street to secessionists. Without structure, funding or institutional supports enjoyed by Procés, Civil Society has demolished independence myth that Catalan people aspire to rupture. After yesterday, procés will never be able to usurp as it has done so far name of Catalonia.

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Catalonia has shown in this difficult predicament that its society is much more plural than independence bloc is committed to show. Plural and solidarity with his country, Spain, which has always enriched with its enterprising character, its language, its culture and its seny, its sense of wisdom. That in front of "Spain robs us" re is anor Catalonia, majority, willing to aerate without complex its Spanish and its adherence to Constitution. Yesterday was a new defeat of Secessionism that can prelude one that can inflict ballot box on December 21.

It's a decisive moment. It is time to return to politics of truth, that which abides by law and does not choke dissident, which serves interests of citizens rar than organizing demonstrations of force in street, a strategy, do not forget , initiated by independence bloc, strategy that has mobilized silent majority.

The weeks remaining until December 21st will not be easy. Carles Puigdemont has called for a resistance Numantina in front of article 155, which stigmatizes of "aggression to Catalans". It does not recognize Puigdemont its own cessation, as it will not be recognized as aggressor who has caused so serious damage to Catalonia.

If article 155 is applied with moderation, with determination and with intelligence, it is very probable that Catalonia will soon recover institutional normalcy, but much more time is needed to staunching wounds opened by Procés in Catalan society. It will take time to reach desired reconciliation between Catalans, peaceful coexistence and in order of different ideals, free of labels and prejudices. One of m must fall as soon as possible: constitutionalists are not extremists anticatalan and extreme right.

It is advisable today to remember that it has not been Puigdemont, but application of Constitution that has called Catalans to polls, real ones. The independence cry of "Votarem" in defense of an illegal referendum carried out without democratic guarantees has turned against it. The secessionist block has to understand that ir aspirations, if not abuse law, are as legitimate as those of ors and that now has opportunity to remeasure where democratic forces do it: at polls. Their abuses have favored unity of action of opposition, anor element that underpins secessionist defeat. The social majority must mobilize to win with ir vows, so that it never returns to nightmare that Catalonia is still living today.

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