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New Generation War Tool

Developed to meet the intense communication needs of today's combat area, Korhan has been equipped with new generation communication systems. With the latest possibilities of current technology, the system will be able to best meet the task needs of modern armies with superior features.

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New Generation War Tool

The Turkish defence industry has made great progress in line with its localization studies and 2023 targets, especially initiated after 2004. Important projects for development of technological superiority systems in our country have been implemented and work continues without cutting speed. As this week, we will take new generation armored combat system ' Korhan, which was developed by Aselsan with national facilities.

  • Developed to meet most advanced combat field needs of today, Korhan will add strength to power of Turkish armed forces.

Equipped with high firepower, advanced target detection and tracking systems, system can provide highest level of user and system survivability with state-of--art self-preservation and environmental awareness systems. As main weapon, high-speed 35 millimeter gun used in Korhan is also produced by mechanical and chemical industry institution of ball in question. The system also can be used in Turkey with 35 millimeter particulate ammunition.


Self defense against all threats

  • Korhan allows automatic strip-free ammunition supply mechanism to be selected by selecting appropriate ammunition for threat type. Armor-Piercing, antipersonnel, air targets or destructive ordnance can be loaded into system according to operational needs and cost effective use is selected by selecting ammunition suitable for type of threat during combat.

The system has a 7.62 millimeter machine gun placed in same firing line mechanics as main weapon for self-defense against close threats from land. He is also able to defend himself and his self-defense against helicopters, planes and unmanned aircraft that pose a threat to one he resides in.

The system, which has laser detection and warning systems, is designed to have high survivability thanks to its active self protection system (incandescent), composite or ceramic modular armour protection and fog mortars.

Full dominance and superiority

  • Korhan, 360 degrees of environmental awareness, panoramic vision system, gun-dependent sniper and independent Commander Vision systems, integrated into weapon system with satellite-type Mini unmanned aerial tool (Miha) full dominance to battlefield and It will give supremacy to enemy.

By detecting direction of threat in situations where it is under fire thanks to sniper ground detection system, Korhan can neutralize threat that can be automatically directed.


By using latest possibilities of contemporary technology, Korhan has been developed as a national and can meet needs of today's modern armies in best way.

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