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New retired High jackpot

Officer pensioners are paying additional bonuses of up to 3,000 407 lira annually. The retirement history is close to 7 January 2015 and over 30 years...

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New retired High jackpot
New Retirement Bonus Entry date: 4.10.2017 Officer Pensioners annually 3 thousand 407 lira VA Ran additional jackpot payments. How close pension date is to January 7, 2015, and more than 30 years of service, jackpot increases, although government has more than 30 year service, retired HR over 30 years , Additional payments are underway. The Social Security Institution (SGK) pays rights holders additional bonuses for every full year exceeding 30 years. For additional bonuses, rights holders who apply for institution are being paid within 3 months . By law; In first place, rights holders are paid portion of additional bonuses up to 7,000 500 pounds. If any, remaining portion will be given in same month of year following first payment date with legal interest. How do you determine? The difference in bonuses varies depending on how much time officer is retiring, degree and rank, or wher authority or duty compensation is available. For this reason, new pensioners are more advantageous than former pensioners. The more than 30 years of service and retirement date is close to January 7 , 2015, jackpot difference is so high. A yearly amount of bonus payable for each full service year is 50 lira, and total amount of bonuses to be paid cannot be under 100 lira . The highest amount of bonuses to be paid annually is 3 thousand 407 pounds 42 cents. Sample Calculation For; The bonus, 70.77 lira (10.11 x 7), will be paid for 7 full-service years, retired in March 1994, and a branch manager who is connected to a monthly service of 37 years over 9 months. However, eligible bonus for each year will not be less than 50 pounds, so owner gets 350 Lira bonuses . On or hand, in September 2006, pension will be paid to retire in same situation, which is connected to pension fee of 7 thousand 317.17 lira (1,045.31 x 7).


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