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New Turkey's good vision

Musiad will discuss new Turkey's vision of change with politics, business and academics. Müsiad leader Abdurrahman Kaan, who told the visionary ' 17 that they will set a new roadmap through the stories of domestic success; ' Turkey is manufacturing, investment and class horses with ihhcat ' he says.

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New Turkey's good vision

Turkey's vision, one of fastest growing countries in world, is changing rapidly. While discussing roadmap of new Turkey, Musiad puts subject of "New Turkey in transformed world" on table. We discussed visionary ' 17 program in Istanbul next week with Musiad leader Abdurrahman Kaan.

Our preference is local success stories

"While planning vision of a local success story," said Abdurrahman Kaan, a visionary who has been trying to move forward in ' 17, NGOs who are doing such organisations often try to bring people who have added value to outside. We have tried to make conferences with people who are influential in Turkey's social and economic area, "he said.

Transforming with Young


Underlining main me of this year's programme as ' transformation ', Kaan said, "There are several factors in Turkey's transformation, and our young and dynamic population comes at beginning. We must assess this opportunity and increase our national income. We are about to exceed 12,000 500 dollars per capita income and enter into developed countries. We have a 20-year process ahead of us, and we can't accomplish this with an uneducated generation, "he said.

Musiad leader Abdurrahman Kaan

Success with good economy

Stressing that re is a need for a transformation in country's working system, Kaan noted: "Because we have a formula as a musiad; We call for manufacturing, investment and export chains for economic growth. The word "good" comes out of ir initials. In particular, policy arises in manufacturing and investment. The work we do with ministry is emerging. We have a new form of strategic areas and policy presidency in our own constitution. In this way, he will do right thing now, when it comes to a department that will write law and accelerate. "


Five-header conversions

The Musiad visionary ' 2017 programme will be held in Istanbul on October 11-12, bringing toger politicians, businessmen and academics. The opening session will also be discussed in programme for two days, "Why Transform", "How to Transform", "transformation", "Turkey's transformation" and "not to be lost in transformation", as Minister of Energy and Natural resources Berat Albayrak attended. On second day of programme, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman, Ibrahim Kır will speak. 

  • Musiad's tax system was interesting to say that he said, "we met with Minister of Finance. We will soon be doing a workshop at point of resolving issues in tax system that hold VAT legislation toger. "What does business world want?" We will look for answer to question, "he said. Noting that industrialist withdrew from production, Kaan said, "to avoid this withdrawal, we need to move to a simpler system from work life to tax legislation. We need to clear VAT. In particular, we want a clear picture of sections in tax legislation, "he said.

We are most common businessman in Turkey

We also asked President Kaan to try to increase branch network and effectiveness of Musiad. Emphasizing that Turkey is most common NGO in world, Kaan gave following information: "At 86 points in Turkey, it is a capital platform that operates at 181 points in 68 countries around world. With eleven thousand members, we're a big family. Musiad has a structure covering entire geography from US to Japan, from Australia to China, from South Africa to Nerlands. We only have 11 branches in Germany, and we have opportunity to do lobbyists. We represent our country abroad commercially. "



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